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The Design and Graphics forum focuses on techniques and the use of design/graphics applications and the general topic of design, including print design, typography, signage work, screenprinting, and illustration.

Professionals may use this forum to discuss pricing and billing, project and client management, recommend books, tutorials and resources, or trade critiques. Do not use this thread for self-promotion of your business or services.

A good starting point in this forum is the list of Notable Design and Graphics threads.

When to post elsewhere

When the topic is photo manipulation use your best judgment about using this forum vs. the Digital Photography forum.

This forum is suitable for threads about the graphic aspects of a web project. Use the separate Web Design and Development forum for the nitty-gritty of CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, hosting, etc.

For questions about installation or troubleshooting of specific applications, hardware issues, or purchase advice, consider which forum is most specific to the topic. Alternatives to this forum include:
Pick one forum; do not cross-post.
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Nov 10, 2013
This forum is really a great place to know about each and every aspect of creative work and designs art. Hope to enjoy my stay here :)
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