Well, The Winston Cup Season Is Over

Discussion in 'Community' started by InAppleHeaven, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. InAppleHeaven macrumors member

    Oct 6, 2003
    What is everyone's take on this past racing season? Favorite moments? Biggest letdowns? Etc.? Mine would have to be the departure of Winston and 76 from the sport. For 33 years, Winston has made a serious contribution to NASCAR, and I hope the torch has been past to the right people and will burn brighter than ever. There may be many changes coming in the near future, especially with Brian France now at the helm. The season ender at Homestead was definitly worth the 10 million that was spent to put more banking in the track. Now with the winter months coming up, we should make predictions and give opinions on what next year will be like with the NEXTEL name. It may be hard at first, but people should adapt quickly. I hate it for the announcers that may slip up and say Winston Cup (1st prediction). Maybe Budweiser should have put in a bid for the title. The Budweiser Cup sure does sound good. :p
  2. kaosfere macrumors member

    Nov 1, 2003
    The finish at the Darlington spring race was easily the most amazing of the year. That one image of Craven and Busch bashing fenders across the finish line embodies what I love about NASCAR -- the raw, brutal element of men in nearly identical cars driving their hearts out and never yielding an inch. I love the technology and precision of F1. I love the mayhem and incomparable guts of WRC. But most of all I love the emotion, competition, and, yes, shredded metal of NASCAR.

    The finish at Homestead was excellent, as well. It reminded me of Schumacher's blown tire at Hungaroring this past year, and is a perfect example of the harsh nature of motor sport -- no matter how close to victory you are, you're only one small malfunction away from complete disaster. And, yes, the Homestead changes were definitely worth $10 million.

    My overarching memory of this year, though, will be one of frustration. I spent week after week of watching Driver 8 come ever-so-close only to get shot down at the end, while it seemed as though Kenseth got every break he needed, every time he needed it.

    As for next year? I think that Ryan Newman is going to be a very hot ticket. He's demonstrated this year that he can win, win, and win some more, and he's been a bit more reliable in the closing months of the season. I think he's learning what it takes to compete in a long points series, and will be a major force in 2004.

    I think there will be further changes in the yellow flag rules. The current incarnation causes endless confusion, and the "lucky dog" mechanic seems jury-rigged at best. I can understand NASCAR's desire for safety, but I think the end result is detrimental to the sport.

    I will miss the fall race at Rockingham.

    And I hope this will be the year that Earnhardt, Jr finally manages to keep his wits about him and pull through on top.

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