Went from Delivery to Return to sender Fedex (fu@cked up)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macbookman83, Nov 3, 2017.

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    Long time member and as I’m writing this I’m fuming mad. I preordered my iPhone like millions at the late hour of 306 am and was able to snag a silver iPhone X 256gb with a Nov 3rd delivery date. I paid the ridiculous fee to obtain the phone and went right to bed.

    Like many I received my tracking number on Thursday and was elated to receive my phone. Knowing I was not going to be home( I work), I left a note for Fedex to leave my package at my door. long story short I buzz fedex in and then receive a text that my package cannot be delivered. After speaking to 4 fedex reps I was told due to apples policy I would need to be home to sign or pick it up from the fedex facility. The facility is an hour and half away from my home yet I ordered an Uber because I knew that I wouldn’t be home on Monday for that delivery either. I’m told to arrive at 630as the driver will be there at 6pm. when I arrive there is a line outside the door. After 45 minutes and close to 20 mkinutrs before this location closes I I’m told that my package was being sent back to sender.

    I spoke to several reps and after an hour was finally able to speak to one that admitted that fedex made a mistake and instead of having the package held at the facility actually returned it to sender. I was assured that this was a mistake and all will be well in the morning. Several minutes later I was horrified to see that my package was indeed sent back to sender. I feel ripped off and as a customer left in the cold. I’m out all the money I spent on the phone with nothing left to do. Att can’t help me and neither can FEDEX.

    What am I left to do ?? I tried calling att and fedex but keep getting sent to call centers in India with people reading me back the same script and tracking number I sent them.

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    Nothing unfortunately, I cannot tell you how many times I've been screwed by UPS and FEDEX, and I have to have medication shipped to me sometimes that can spoil overnight. During the iphone 5 times, I had to conference in Verizon and UPS at 9 pm at night to get them to demand to come and redeliver my phone because the delivery man just got tired at the end of his shift and marked the last few packaged "delay in delivery" and was gonna do them on his shift Monday. I raised hell and got the highest supervisor i could reach at Verizon conferenced in with UPS telling them she was gonna call their boss and report them etc. But i was a 20 year custom of Verizon so they bent over backwards.

    UPS i found is SLIGHTLY better when mistakes happen, in terms of letting u come to the depot or finding a way to make it up. FEDEX ALWAYS says oh well too bad sucks for you.
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    Well, my phone was stolen from my local FedEx facility this morning, so I feel your pain. They’re reviewing security footage to see if they can identify the culprit (likely a disgruntled employee), but I won’t be receiving my phone anytime soon. Now I have to deal with FedEx and AT&T to file a “lost item” claim and eventually get a refund. Yeah, it hasn’t been a good day for me either.
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    Ugh. That is awful!
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    Makes my 4 hour wait in line at the Apple Store to secure my phone worthwhile.

    Sorry for your loss. I'm not a fan of FedEx at all. UPS is the lesser of two evils.
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    Cubs won the World Series last year! Feel better? Sorry about your phone.
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    Sorry to hear about your iPhone delivery issues. I would demand some sort of refund even though it was probably free shipping.

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