"We've given all you people need to know."

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by citizenzen, Jul 19, 2012.

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    How utterly charming a person, and quite telling in her delivery as well.

    At least she is honest enough to put a face on just what you are up against.

    A very brave woman, for sure.

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    You people :D You can't stick rich folk in public. They're so sheltered they lose the ability to hide their condescension.
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    I didn't hear her say you people the first time I listened to it. When I listen to it again it sounds like there's an odd pause, but it's hard to say whether it's a "you" or not.

    Not very significant, though. The fact that she thinks giving 10% to a politically conservative church is something to be proud of is the bigger knock I would give Romney's campaign over this clip.
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    Jan 8, 2006
    And there I was, thinking you had the monopoly on the pejorative "you people."
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Ann Romney doesn't show up on Good Morning America by accident or without planning and coaching by the Romney campaign. She was put out there to squelch calls from a growing number of people—on the right as well as the left—to disclose their tax records.

    "That's just the answer. We've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation," doesn't cut it for me ... and I suspect it won't satisfy many people who hear it.


    So what do you think K?

    Is that all you need to know?
  8. Andeavor macrumors 6502

    Aug 19, 2010
    Giving 10% to any church isn't being generous, not in the way a politician should be. It's pretty much an adamant argument that he doesn't think of all the people but only his own, and that coming from a millionaire is like a stab in the back.

    Charity is supposed to help the people in need and not strengthen your own social circle.

    I understand that many people are not happy about many of Obama's policies - while he's still done a lot to prove his abilities as a president - but having worked in communities to make life a little easier for the people in them is a better political background than simply being an entrepreneur, where the risk of losing jobs is just as high when a company is expanding, i.e. buying out the competition.

    I won't deny he's a good guy and think that he does want the best for himself and everyone but he doesn't know what it's like on the other end because he's always been living a life of privilege and exclusion.
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    Ah yes...all us little people don't have the right to know what is in our presumtive King and King's treasury or what secrets they might have buried. No doubt Ann is shopping for a new throne for the new castle she plans on moving into next year. But even Queens don't always get their way. May that be the case this time as well.
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    Too lazy to make my own. :eek:

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    I'd sure like to know which "you people" she was referring to: "you people" journalists, or "you people" the public.

    Either way it's condescending and Cheney-esque and I don't buy it.
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    May 18, 2004
    well....yes indeed......they have, haven't they? :p

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