What’s the battery life on the series 3 GPS model?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by lewdvig, Sep 23, 2017.

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    What’s the battery life on the series 3 GPS model? I’m curious if the series 3 GPS model has significantly better battery life due to having the same size battery as the cellular version without the extra battery consumption. Is there anyone who has owned both the series 2 and series 3 without cellular who can comment on the battery life?

    I’m able to get about a day and a half of use from my series 2 including a couple hours of GPS tracked Strava activities. That’s pretty good but if I could stretch it out further it would be worth it for me to purchase the new model.
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    Took it off the charger at 7am. It’s now 9:09pm and I have 72% left. This is with light to moderate use.
  3. paapplefan macrumors newbie

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    I’ll comment with a LTE. First full day with AW3. Up this morning at 6:30am with 100 percent. Left the phone at home on a 35 minute run with AirPods and shuffling a lot of songs. Went out on a few errands without the phone. Took the dog on a 20 minute walk also using AirPods. On the charger at 9:30pm with 31 percent. So no phone calls, but received and answered a few texts. Same day with my AW2 would maybe be at between 40 and 50 percent. I would think the AW3 GPS would be about the same as an AW2.
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    What's the battery life of the LTE, but with LTE turned off? Is it the same as the Series 3 GPS, all other things being equal?

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