What a fine outstanding physician... (Trump's 'doc')

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    As I've said before, many doctors have poor writing skills and don't put much effort into their writing considering time constraints. Handwriting is an entirely different story :rolleyes:. If that note took more than 5 minutes I think anyone would be concerned about his cognition.

    That said, I believe this guy is semi-retired? Probably a private pay consierge doc with a handful of clients. Considering the world would be reading his note he might have thought about something better.

    The point of the letter isn't a detailed health history. The audience of the letter is not the medical community. It's the general public. The point of his letter is to say Donald Trump is (physically ;)) healthy enough to be president. Not to start listing lab values and in 1993 he had a cold.

    I agree his letter was garbage, maybe Trumps PR team should have looked it over, or maybe they reviewed it too much. At the end of the day this back and forth unsubstantiated health nonsense with Clinton and Trump is silly. People are voting on politics and character, not lifespan. Both candidates are independently wealthy and probably wouldn't be running for president if they were about to die.
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    Ohh now I get it, that's just Doc trying to prevent Biff from getting elected. How did I not see it before?
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    Kinda have to agree with this:

    The Only Commercial Clinton Needs

    That. Just have a voiceover that says “Donald Trump says he only hires the best people and that is how he will run the country. This is his doctor.”

    Let the bad SNL doctor roleplay speak for 50 seconds, and then say “I’m Hillary Clinton and I agree with this commercial.”

    The end.​

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