What about the NY DV Show - DV's need for speed?


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Jan 18, 2002
I was wondering if anyone thinks maybe apple will pull something out for the ny dv show coming in early feb. they are presenting there and with all the dv folks there wanting faster render times etc (after effects, avid, fcpro etc will all be on display) apple is going to start looking 'slow' when they are running at 1/2 the clock speed of their monopolistic competitors.


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Dec 25, 2001
What to present at the new DV show?

I was out at the Apple Factory store on the Apple campus last week and overheard a couple of Apple employees talking about Quicktime 6.0. It was an interesting conversation and made it sound like the QT 6 is about ready to roll out the door. Rumors of QT 6 adding MPEG 4 compression. They also mentioned that a particular software team and not the operating systems team was going to be busy real soon, apparently related to a soon to be released piece of hardware. Just an interesting conversation. Don't know what the impact of MPEG 4 would be on the DV work that could be done with faster Power Macs?
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