What about the persuaders!!!!!


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May 19, 2002
Northallerton, England
Apple are celebrating the success of the switchers campaign. Well, I've just persuaded someone to buy a mac instead of a PC. It felt really good!!! Have you persuaded anyone yto buy a mac over a PC without taking a sledgehammer to there face. Let me know. Congratulations to everyone that has.

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
I wouldn't call it a full convert, but...

Every morning I come to Pascack Hills early (profile) I sit at my locker listening to music on my iPod. As the months past I saw one person constantly looking at me whenever and the iPod while opening his nearby locker. Eventually, I saw him walk to his locker with a small white device and white plugs in his ears. It turned out he was jamming with the best, but still using peecee software.

Well, that's about halfway there. :)

On the last day of class for my Junior year I posted on the walls above the two peecees in room 101 the Bill Gates vs. GM "mock-up". That way, people get the idea of how peecees work and, maybe, I'll be able to get a FULL convert. I intentionally dreamed up such an occassion. I recommended a classmate to get an iMac G4 800 with Combo Drive. :p