What apple store in Mall of America said about activation 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thechidz, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. thechidz macrumors 68000


    Jul 25, 2007
    New York City
    I am traveling and stopped into the Apple store in the Mall of America yesterday. The guy I spoke to said they WILL be requiring in-store activation. I am wondering if this will be true for all apple stores and if it will be different at AT&T stores as I have read they will not be requiring it in-store. I am also wondering what will happen if you dont activate? we shall see....

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  2. ipodtouchy333 macrumors 65816

    Nov 15, 2007
  3. tritonj macrumors 6502a

    Jun 12, 2008
    i think everyone needs to calm down and stop all the speculation and passing of misinformation, bottomline is Apple or ATT have not officially announce all the details regarding pricing of service plans and contract terms/activation, it is all unofficial speculation (even if it comes from people who work for them). even if what the guy is telling you is true, it may change tomorrow because they decide to go a different direction. so far the only thing we know for sure is the iPhone is going to be on ATT and will cost $199/$299. there are no other official announcements, no brochures with rate plans, no terms of service, nothing. it wouldn't surprise me if ATT is still trying to figure out the last details of all of this and it may not even get finalized till the last few days before launch.
  4. radiogod69 macrumors member

    Jun 2, 2008
    ^^ I agree, just be glad its $299 for a 16gb model, plus why is everyone surprised/annoyed that 3g data plans are more expensive, everyone should have known this was coming
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    I had heard from an AT&T instore CSR that they have to tether the phone to "unbrick" it before activation. I'm wondering if Apple did that so you just couldn't walk out with one and unlock it later. I'm not sure what "unbrick" means with regards to activation.
  6. southerndoc macrumors 65816


    May 15, 2006
    Simply refuse to buy an iPhone 3G until Apple allows you to buy without activation. If enough people hold out, they'll change their policies (if that's actually what the policy will be).
  7. onlycopunk macrumors 6502

    May 10, 2008
    I'm appalled you went to the Mall of Hell. There's so much fat middle-american ass in that place it makes my head spin.
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    Jun 12, 2008
    they will probably just make you choose your plan and get setup with a contract, similar to what happens when you buy a phone from like amazon or something. you get the phone with the plan and when you get it in the mail you call and activate it. but in this case you take it home and plug it into iTunes.

    i really don't see what all the fuss is about, the cell phone business in the US has been working like this for years
  9. JBaker122586 macrumors 65816

    Jun 21, 2007
    Lol. Yup, that'll show 'em.
    I can't remember the last time a boycott failed...
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    Apr 29, 2008
    Heh, people actually go there to exercise in the morning. (maybe only during winter)
  11. spinstorm macrumors 68000

    Sep 14, 2007
    3G should NOT cost you extra.

    In Europe all the networks are HSDPA (3.5G) and so EDGE was a step backwards!

    The fact is here in the UK the price plans are exactly the same as before on the old iPhone including unlimited data on 3G and wi-fi access from the cloud and also from 11 July from BT Openzone - thats over 9,000 wi-fi hotspots for free in addition to unlimited 3G date!

    Its a great deal!
  12. marksman macrumors 603


    Jun 4, 2007
    The official word from people tasked to provide said word have said multiple times everyone will have to be activated before leaving a Apple or AT&T store.

    Obviously a guy who works in an Apple store is not an official spokesperson, and may not know anything. His word, in this case, does jibe with what they have officially been saying.
  13. EricBrian macrumors 6502a


    Jul 30, 2005
    If that is the case, wait for imports from other countries where forcing people to sign a contract is illegal.... Belgium comes to mind.
  14. BiffWebster macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2008
    What I find to be amazing is how AT&T didn't have this information figured out already. Obviously at least some people in the company knew about the phone well ahead of time. Heck, a good bit of the general public knew its launch was imminent. I wonder why they didn't get their act together so that they could have the info ready when the device was launched. Perhaps they realized that a lot of people will be unhappy when the actual pricing is formally released...so they want to let the "fantastic" $199/$299 prices a chance to have their moment in the sun. Either that or they were still working out terms with Apple until fairly late in the game, so it didn't really leave much time to figure out the specifics with the new business model agreement.
  15. chicagdan macrumors 6502a

    Jan 3, 2002
    Chicago, IL
    The fuss is that, unlike last time, it will take FOREVER to get your iPhone. Last time it was a 30 second per customer session ... pick it up, swipe your credit card and go. Now it's a 5 minute (at best) per customer session. That's a 10 fold increase per customer.

    I don't have time to stand in a line to buy something. That means I've got to wait a couple weeks and hope supply keeps up. I find all of this annoying, so yes, it's a fuss to me. We won't even be able to buy online this time.

    By the way, Apple has a BIG incentive to close sales to former iPhone customers as quickly as possible ... because if we have to wait a week or two, we're going to download iPhone 2.0 software and may decide we don't need the new phone after all. If AT&T and Apple were smart about this, they'd put the phone on sale a day or two early for existing iPhone customers.
  16. puckhead193 macrumors G3


    May 25, 2004
    i went to apple to ask about my airport while there i spoke with the manager and he had no details of release. He said they will prob. close down the store like last time
  17. JLO macrumors newbie

    Dec 12, 2007
    Yup, i think im a hold out. cuz i dont want to be on ATT Networks. there rates always changes for me when i got my first iphone.
  18. eplchamps0304 macrumors 6502a


    Jan 31, 2008

    Actually it is official. See the att iphone page.
  19. ubercool macrumors 6502a


    Jan 31, 2008
    Las Vegas
  20. tobyringle macrumors newbie

    Jan 16, 2008
    Big Shot

    You don't have 5 minutes to activate a cell phone? You must be very important...and yet you have endless time to waste posting comments on a mac rumor blog. Tough being you.
  21. Andronicus macrumors 6502a

    Apr 1, 2008
    I don't think posting on MR is a waste ;) :D
  22. kobefan234 macrumors 6502


    May 12, 2008
    i talked to an apple rep and she said that activation would remain in itunes!

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