what are the chances that the old mbp would support mini dp to hdmi with audio?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by enzojauregui, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. enzojauregui macrumors member

    Nov 7, 2008
    can this be done through a software update? or is this more of a hardware limitation?
  2. mr.thedaniel macrumors regular

    Feb 15, 2010
    This is possible, you just need to buy the right MDP to HDMI adapter. The best option would be one of the MDP+USB to HDMI adapters, which pull audio from your comp via the USB cable, and it is carried along like normal HDMI audio signal.

    Options where audio is carried through the MDP itself do exist but they're much more expensive. the MDP to HDMI with USB audio adapters are usually only $20-40.
  3. Niiro13 macrumors 68000

    Feb 12, 2008

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