What are the dangers in Ordering online? (shipping related)

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    hi everyone.

    i'm going to order my powerbook within the next few days. what i'd like to know is how safe this process is. i just lost a watch that was shipped from NYC with USPS (worked once before). so now my trust on this has been greatly diminished. it was lost in customs. the tracking sys it cleared canada customs, but purolator never picked it up.

    does customs people steal things??

    also, since this PB is of great value, it might in even greater risk of being stolen. how many of you have purchased stuff from the Online Canada Store?? did you receive your items okay? any delays? any extraneous charges? ANY Problems at ALL?

    i'd like to know everything.

    also, is there any way to insure the item?? do i need to arrange for something special with Apple?? the only shipping options on the site were Expedited or Normal. can i maybe ask them to use DHL or FedEX or SameDay-Right-O-Way ?? which one is best/most reliable?

    thx for any and all input.
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    Feb 17, 2003
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    If you order from a reputable company, say Apple, Macwarehouse, MacMall, etc. then they will ship your package insured via a name brand carrier like USPS or FedEx.

    I have consulted with Customs for animal work (imports) and I must say they screen employees entering and exiting the secure facility VERY well.No cell phones, bags, backpacks, etc. Now, that said, a watch is firly easy. You wear it out, no one would notice.

    Sadly, peopel are human and do steal. SOME DO THIS. Some of the time. You seem to have been unlucky. On the whole, employees of FedEx, UPS, Customs, etc are trustworthy people. But like anywhere, you get a few bad eggs. Sometimes its temptation, the box was open and the watch was easy to grab. Other times, its malicious intent.

    Either way, with tracking numbers and such it would be difficult to loose a computer and not be protected.


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