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Dec 2, 2020
Espoo, Finland
I just switched from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 14 (given to me by the company I work for). Admittedly, I haven't used the phone much for the past several years other than for calling, texting and watching YouTube videos....

I feel like I am missing a lot because I have not been keeping myself up to date with the new stuff introduced with each version of iOS.

What are some features I should look into introduced in the past 4-5 years? I also upgraded to iOS 18 beta if there is something particularly useful introduced with this beta.


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Sep 1, 2021
A good place to start would be Apple's WWDC and iPhone announcement videos on YouTube...
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May 1, 2013
I know, but I was hoping for some kind of summary of the past say 5 years, what are the top features that can make me more productive
I don't think anyone can answer this properly. No one really remembers what features came out which year so it's not easily done. And if you don't use a particular feature yourself you will forget it exists, if you even knew of its existence in the first place. What one person has no use for may be very important to someone else.

If you want a thorough summary I would look up each iOS version individually to find out what may personally be of interest to you.


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Jul 30, 2010

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