What are your SSD tweaks (sleep, SMS, etc) for running both SSD + HDD?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by botsmack, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I have a new MacBook Pro that came with a 750GB HDD that I kept in its original location. I also have an OWC 120GB SSD (360 FW)that I purchased back in March that was used in another system.

    I've put the OWC SSD in an OWC Data Doubler and have it installed fine. Already got Lion up and running. I know there are optimization tweaks that you can do for the SSD, such as setting hibernate to 0, deleting the sleep image, disable putting the hard disks to sleep, turning off the sudden motion sensor, etc.

    How am I supposed to correctly implement these on this dual drive setup while still wanting the HDD to spin down to save power and for it to use the SMS in case it's needed? For example, if I disable powering down hard disks, that also is going to affect the HDD right? So, it will be constantly spinning?

    Is there a way to tweak for the SSD while maintaining power saving features of the HDD?
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    i would like to know this as well for a refresher. thx.
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    Because the SSD is, well, a SSD, it should not be affected by either the Apple SMS, or the sleep HDD when not in use option. And even if it is, it will not waste time spinning up and down like a normal HDD, so shouldn't affect performance anyway. SMS doesn't work in the Optibay regardless.

    You can set hibernate to zero if you're struggling for space, and delete the sleep image. But if you're not looking to save space, there's little point.

    The best way I know of to keep your computer not waking up the HDD all the time (therefore wasting time) is to write an Applescript app to unmount and remount the hard disk whenever you don't/do need it. If your OS can't see the disk, it won't keep looking at it.

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