What changes will I notice if i upgrade my ram from 4gb to 12gb

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Freshmen, Oct 16, 2013.

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    If you get the colour wheel trying to do simple tasks like browsing, swapping programs or even copying and pasting large amounts of text you might find the OS has run out of memory and is running slowly.

    Putting in extra ram can drastically speed up things if you do a lot of media work, photo / video etc. Projects always try to load into ram which is much quicker than HDD. Even session browsing history is stored in ram, once you exhaust all your systems ram things start swapping out to the hard drive which creates annoying delays and the colour wheel.

    I assume you have a HDD if you only have 4GB it will be an older iMac too.

    If you have these speed problems perhaps wait 2 weeks until mavericks is released, this has effective memory compression which might help speed things up without having to spend a lot on RAM.
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    yeah but its a rarity but still, i dont want it to happen. My imac is in my sig lol, its the 2010 model. It came stock with 4 gigs
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    You will notice changes. I've seen it in multitasking, multiple tabs in safari, etc. Do it.
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    missed that :rolleyes:

    if you rarely notice a slow down you are probably fine for what you need it for. Mavericks beta testers have commented how well it compresses and manages ram.

    So if you do the general stuff like browsing, email, skype, twitter, word docs etc you would probably be fine.

    If you did a lot of video / photo i'd get more no questions.

    I dont know if the 2010 has access slots for ram, someone else will need to confirm. Either way it's a cheap upgrade!
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    yeah i know, i could get 12 gigs total ram for like 40ish bucks. and yeah it does, i just dont know what tool i need to use to open it. I tried one time and it didn't work. I tried so many different tools
  6. bobtennis, Oct 16, 2013
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    You need a small Phillips screwdriver. That's all. There is a "chrome" colored "grate" or cover with holes in it along the mid bottom frame with 3 screws in it. They are "captive" screws, so when they are fully unscrewed, they do not come off, they stay with the cover. When you remove the cover, there are 4 slots for memory there, two of which will have the original 2GB DIMMs from Apple in them. There is a plastic tab that hangs down, pull on that tab, and the memory will come out. If you are just adding 2 additional modules, you do not have to pull the tabs to remove the old memory, just insert the new memory in the empty slots. Be sure after you put the new memory in that you put it so the tab goes under the memory module and you can fold it over the memory so you can grab that tab in the future.

    For the i3 you have, you can use up to 16 GB memory. If you want to go to the 16GB max, I suggest you add 4x4GB modules, and take out the original 2GB memory modules. If you want 12GB, just add 2x4GB modules of the same type to the two empty slots. (1333 MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 SO-DIMMs (204-pin)). Push them in firmly. Remember to keep the tabs in a position where you can grab them later if necessary.

    See this site for useful information on your iMac: http://www.everymac.com/systems/app...e-i3-3.2-21-inch-aluminum-mid-2010-specs.html

    See these sites for info on changing memory:



    It's not really difficult to do at all.

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