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Apr 24, 2011
I've had my iPhone 4 for months, and I've always gotten great battery life. Recently I got an iPad 2, and this has caused me to BARELY use the iPhone. It pretty much just sits in my pocket except for the moments where I send some texts.

But for some reason, I recently noticed that my phone gets horrible battery life. For example, today, my phone was unplugged around 10AM. It's 10PM now, and my phone is at 13% battery. That might be fine if I used my phone a lot, but I don't. My normal activities, schedules, and places I go, haven't changed at all. I did not leave the Personal Hotspot feature on, I didn't leave the stopwatch on... I just have no idea why this is happening.

Anyone care to list off the possibilities?


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Dec 31, 2001
Mpls, MN
Quit Mail. Either via forcequit or removing from the multitasking bar.

Actually, just go into the multitasking and remove the first 7-10.
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