What do you do with laptop charging cable when not in use?


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Aug 19, 2012
I finally took the plunge and got an 11" MBA last month (I converted to the OS a couple of years ago but took me a while to convince myself I needed a laptop in addition to my desktop).

Anyway, when I am not charging my cable I just have the cable lying on my floor. Does anybody have a decent solution? I was hoping somebody would make an aftermarket power cable that is retractable (similar to this but beefier) but since Apple has a patent on the dock connector I don't think anybody dares to do it.

I did see the MOS, but I've never backed a kickstarter project and I'm not sure how it works (ie, if I pledge money but they don't send me one can I do anything about it)?

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Friends tell me to wind the cord up after every charge but that takes too long to be practical for me. Thanks in advance!


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Apr 25, 2012
Mine stays plugged in to the UPS for my home theater system in the living room, and stays "coiled" next to the TV stand when I'm not charging.


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Jan 5, 2011
Mine stays on the ground uncoiled and out of control...It really is a 'power cord'!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek:


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Feb 9, 2011
i looped the cords around my table with those velcro stuff. other methods is that i have action figures that hold the cord for me :D