What do you guys think of the Atrix 4G?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by henrikrox, Jan 7, 2011.

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    The video I watched of the Tegra 2, featuring the (imo) massive, rather plain-looking Atrix; featured Samurai II and Galaxy on Fire 2. These games have been out on iOS for a while now (both are excellent), however they were being touted as "designed specifically for" Android and the Tegra 2 system!

    I'm not going mad, am I? I mean it's great that 'droidies are now going to be getting some great games, but to say "ported from consoles and PC specifically for Tegra 2" is a bit much, I think!

    I'm not going mad! Galaxy on Fire 2 and Samurai II! Funnily enough, both of those are 'universal' apps and support everything from iOS 3.x upwards...

    Not meaning to be fanboyish (apologies if it was), I just get annoyed when people spout BS about something.

    Edit! Just to add, Both systems Tegra and the "A4" use ARM Cortex A8/A9 (albeit in different forms) so "ported specifically" means taking ARM code and changing it to... ARM code? I don't get it? Mind = Boggled...
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    Different processor variants have different instructions. Optimization means using the correct instruction to directly change a parameter or bit instead of running 2 or 3 instructions to do the same job. Saves on cycles, which saves on time/power/overhead.

    This is a vast over-simplification as to what goes in to optimization.
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    Not sure how well it would work for people who are on the phone and the computer at the same time. . .

    Could it be useful? Sure, I guess. Kinda cool. And maybe it makes sense, especially going forward. Quad-core i7-3.0GHz phones would be slick. :D

    The real question is, how well does it play games?
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    Looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see some reviews. Not sure that I would want to buy all of the accessories needed to use it as a laptop replacement.
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    I have no issues with code optimisation, I know it takes an awful lot of work and it's not at all what I was talking about. The port remark was that he said "ported from consoles" and I was just suggesting that ARM to ARM porting must be easier than porting from an entirely different architecture. So why not iOS/A4 to Tegra 2 rather than "from consoles" plus last time I checked, those two games aren't available "on consoles"

    The main thing I was commenting on was how there was no mention of the fact that the finished games (rather than playable tech demos) are already available to iOS users and that the "specifically designed" thing the guy was harping on about was utter BS (as I understood "specifically designed for" as "made exclusively for")
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    All the phone functions work while it is docked. You get the "phone screen" as a seperate window in the laptop, so you can play games/run apps from the phone on the laptop in the native size or make them full screen. They played Angry Birds, both in the native phone screen size and also in full screen mode.
  9. Savor, Jan 7, 2011
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    I follow cell phone news daily, and haven't had an Android phone really stand out to me since the Nexus One. Motorola stole the show. There were rumors about this phone dating backing awhile back and it lived up to my expectations from it. A couple minor things concern me. I'm not sure the camera quality will match up with the iPhone 4 knowing Moto. But that is a minor thing since I rarely take pix on my iP4 anyway. And the second, I don't like BLUR. I wished Google used this phone as their latest Nexus phone over the Galaxy S ones because I prefer stock. But other than that, it flexes its muscles and beats the crap out of every other phone out there in several categories. At least on paper. Coming to my carrier (AT&T) and taking a simple idea of turning it into a desktop computer is just icing. I haven't bought a Motorola phone in 5 years and been holding out on Android. This could be THE ONE to finally take the plunge.

    I would love to see the battery test on it. Tegra 2 is known to be fast and power efficient and it is also packing 1950 mAH which is even bigger than the XPERIA Play (aka "PlayStation phone"). We could see WiFi browsing surpass the iPad's proclaimed 10 hrs easily. I don't see any other Android phone really surpassing it this year. Why? Because I don't see anything beating Tegra 2 this year. Tegra 2 and dual cores will be the gold standard for 2011. Even if iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 come out, I still don't see it surpassing Atrix 4G when it comes to specs. Maybe matching it, but not actually surpassing it.

    Even if Apple did match it, iOS may look the same again this year which makes the user experience bland for another year. Android fans have a double-edged sword. On one hand, they have new hardware released almost bi-monthly for them to get excited about. On the other hand, by the time they choose one, it feels outdated in a month or so. Apple fans only deal with yearly updates which can be a good and bad thing. Good, because you don't deal with these constant releases. Bad, bacause they can easily be behind the curve just the same. But eventually just like in video game consoles, we will get to a point where alot of us will feel comfortable with technology and graphics that we don't need to constantly be updating and many of the upgrades will start to feel minimal. But jumping from a Nexus One to an Atrix 4G definitely feels like an upgrade. Motorola Atrix 4G is a MONSTER of a phone, folks. The SE XPERIA Arc has a nice design, but it still didn't stand out. I'm concerned with the XPERIA Play because I am not sure with that touchpad for controls and think SE will release a better and sleeker one next year. SE didn't take the time to think it through or use TEGRA 2. None of the announcements from several competitors intrigued me as much as the ones I saw from Motorola with the Atrix and Xoom.

    Motorola Xoom and Honeycomb (the real Android 3.0) looks very promising.

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    its because the android version compared to the iOS version will have:

    -4x the texture size
    -the spaceships will have 6x more polygons
    -run at 1200x800 resolution
    -run on 2.3 gingerbread and 3.0 honeycomb

    hardly "utter BS" as you say
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    That wasn't mentioned in the video, I didn't know there were any differences at all; the tech demo showed next to nothing, just what I've already seen firsthand on my iPhone/iPad.

    Anyway, answer me this: how can I make judgements based on information that I'm not given? I watch a video of the Tegra 2 in action and think "wow, that looks so smooth, that's fantastic for Android. Great that Android is going to get some good games at last, might have to dust off the Nexus and test some" and then the Nvidia spokesperson says (as in, how I personally took it) "yeah, it's exclusive to android and designed just for the Tegra 2" makes it utter BS to me, because it's not Android exclusive, is it? Fair enough, the game has been retooled and will look amazing from the sound of it, that was never in question! The only reason I called BS on it was because he said it was designed specifically for, which I have already said, to me, sounded as though he was claiming exclusivity.

    However, to comment directly to your bulleted list. The tech demo was running on the Atrix at 960x540 (which was the native res of the Atrix's screen) and had "720p" TV output, again, according to the video. The iPhone 4 is 960x640 and the iPad 1024x768, so I assumed that they had ported it over straight with some minor tweaking (TV out + iPhone control would be nice on the iOS version!), how was I supposed to know that the Tegra 2 has enough power to push out 13" Macbook resolution graphics at a solid 60fps? Maybe Nvidia should switch to the Tegra 2's graphics systems for laptops and desktops too, seeing as it does a better job than current integrated offerings!

    Anyway, geez. My personal opinion is this: "Galaxy on Fire 2 looks great on Android, but it's the same as I already have, so why did he say it's exclusive? :confused: "

    On topic: The phone's specs sound amazing, but I prefer iOS over Android after using both (as I have been lured away by specs before), I prefer Apple's closed iTunes/App Store system because it's less for me to worry about
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    This thing could be a game-changer or a passing fad. Regardless, I am definitely intrigued, if for no other reason than its potentially sweet display and that TEGRA 2. Plus, it's a Moto, so build quality will be good.
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    The main message i got from your overly enthusiastic defense was "Its not my fault I make dumb comments without knowing the full facts, how was I supposed to know???" Please correct me if i'm wrong :D

    Here's is a good example:

    "Maybe Nvidia should switch to the Tegra 2's graphics systems for laptops and desktops too, seeing as it does a better job than current integrated offerings!"

    You do know that Nvidia doesn't offer integrated graphics solutions right? those integrated solutions are mainly Intel's. I also don't know why you would propose that Nvidia offer Tegra 2 graphics for laptops and desktops as they already have their GeForce line of desktop and mobile products for discrete graphics, and they do a pretty decent job at that.

    And thinking about it, this enhanced version of Galaxy on Fire 2 is only available on Tegra 2 powered Android devices, so wouldn't by definition make it exclusive to this platform?

    On Topic: I think the Atrix is by far the product of CES this year. You can use this as a phone until you need to browse or get some work done/take notes and BAM, instant laptop. Also kudos for Motorola in not pursuing the "thinnest phone EVAH" title and throwing a massive honking battery in there
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    ...yet the Atrix also manages to be respectably thin despite all of that power!

    I need to see that screen in the flesh. Hopefully, it's IPS. Also, I'm glad that Samsung is keeping its crappy pentile matrix SAMOLED for itself because that display would ruin something like the Atrix.
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    ;) self-confessed dumb comments, yup! (mainly the reason I rarely post, as I know I'll say something stupid/strange) plus I ramble a lot... And I meant integrated as in the 9000m/9400m etc (which, are both 'carp' and part of the Nforce system, aren't they? Suckin' all my RAMs!), then again my 9600gt is basically a radiator, so it's either "burn fingers on keyboard" or "sub par system performance" I can't win!

    I can't wait to see how these new games will look/run on this (frankly) mental hardware! I thought my Nexus was powerful when I got it, then my iPhone 4, which feels a lot faster to me (duff Nexus with bad rom sectors maybe?? There were a few, iirc... Linpack gives anything from 18 to 30-33 mflops on a fresh rom install) I just wish that this hardware could run iOS, because I don't like Android that much (I'm too simple for it I think :p )
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    Yeah the atrix is just one of a few super smartfones coming to android. Another one is the LG optima 2x. I prob get this fone when it is released in march. apple really has to up the ante to go up against these android beasts.

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  18. DisplayGeek, Jan 11, 2011
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    Ummm.... You do realize that the Motorola 'Atrix also has a PenTile 'atrix display? It has 960 X 560 PenTile RGBW LCD panel made by Samsung Mobile Display. And neither the PenTile Matrix SAMOLED nor the PenTile Matrix RGBW LCD are "crappy"... both serve their function.
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    That function would be to wow noobs with overly gaudy and fake colors and to blur text.

    If the Atrix has a pentile display, then it's a fail too.
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    as far as a phone goes it is nice, the rest of it just seems like a gimmick, let the phone be a phone and a laptop be a laptop, carrying around what amounts to a "media slice" for your phone is pointless

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