What do you think is the reason the Airpods/Beats-X are so delayed?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Ma2k5, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Dec 21, 2012
    Now that there is news the Beats-X is likely to be delayed another 2-3 months, I am starting to wonder if this will also affect the Airpods.

    We know this isn't due to the W1 chip, as PB3/Solo 3 are on sale.

    We know the WSJ article about connectivity issues (i.e. delayed response on 2nd earphone) are not the case, as it has been confirmed by people those were old issues and were fixed a long time ago. We would have heard about these issues in the review unit samples otherwise, which we didn't.

    Apart from the obvious supply chain yield issues, I think it is either because:

    a) Battery testing failed, perhaps cramming so much battery into such small devices in a manner has raised concern of potential battery failure or even, explosions? There was a good article about the Note 7 where, if you don't leave enough space between the battery to allow for expansion, it could eventually become a fire hazard. Link here (interesting read).

    b) Bluetooth 5 is now released and available, potentially wanting to implement the standard into these now?

    c) Although we are aware of the W1 performance from early reviews being very positive, what if it's connection to non-iOS phones was really buggy? (which could link to issue b), with bluetooth 5 enablement).
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