What do you value more money or time?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by AP_piano295, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Complicated question, for me the answer is undoubtedly time.
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    Money is necessary, but only up to a certain point, as it is possible for people to reach a stage where somebody has enough of it, and they won't have to waste any more of their time in acquiring more of it.

    Time is more valuable, as time is limited and regardless of how much money somebody has, nobody can purchase time. The poorest bum lying on the street has the same amount of hours in a day for their activities as Bill Gates does. Bill Gates may survive longer than a poor bum on the street, due to the purchasing power of first rate medical and health services, but everybody eventually dies one day, so time is more important.
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    Too bad you didn't let us simply vote. But...the answer is time.
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    I wanted a little more than a yes/no answer
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    Time is definitely more valuable.

    You can always earn more money, but you cannot get (earn) more time.
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    Time is finite and one-directional. Money is neither.

    I'm going with time.
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    There was a time in my teens and 20s that I didn't have ANY money so I thought of it more highly than I do now. Material things sometimes seemed cool but not to the point of greed though.

    But as I got older, time became more important.

    I commend any young people who have figured it out already that time is much more precious than money. With time, you can not only make money, but heal relationships, and help others in a way that just some cash could never do.

    Time can get you money, but money can never buy you time. All the money in the world cannot bring the dead back to life, and life is a series of time modules (for lack of a better term) where I think the lesson is to evolove and to learn how to love thy neighbor.
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    If you have to choose between the two I think money is more important up to a point, after which time is more important. The exact point at which time becomes more valuable helps define a person.

    Ask any unemployed person how valuable they think their time is now sitting around stressed out about how they are going to pay for some basic necessity. On the other hand, a successful lawyer that works 80 hour weeks and has two houses and a few expensive cars--but can't maintain a relationship or have a personal life is just as bad off.
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    I trade 40 hours of my time for money every week, so I'd say money is more important.
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    Time is money.
    And Girls are evil.

    How are these related? Let me explain...

    Girls are worth a lot of time and money.

    So Girls = Money²

    And, as we all know, money is the root of all evil

    Money = √Evil

    Money² = Evil

    Girls = Evil ;)

    Ahem. Yeah. In all seriousness, I'd have to say time is worth more to me. Money comes and goes. Time just goes. And frankly, the time is spend not getting a paycheck is far more valuable to me than the time I spend earning a paycheck. By that, I mean spending time with my family. Or me-time.

    But undoubtedly, time wins out.
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    Way back when I was poor, money was more important. It remained important with marriage and then a son. Time began to increase in importance during those years.

    Along about halfway through my years, I came to believe that the freedom to use my time and my money to suit me and my family was The Deal: Freedom of decision.

    Money is important insofar as it allows you to use your time as you see fit. Time is important as it's really the only true investment capital you'll ever have.
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    My time is generally valued in terms of money. So I suppose I really value neither any more than the other.

    Working at a law firm where every six minutes of each attorney's life is billed for definitely taught me that time truly is money and that everyone's time has a different value.
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    I disagree. There is a lot you can do to secure yourself both more time and higher quality time. Life may be a finite resource, but it is not meted out in measured doses. Properly invested, time can net you a whole lot more time.
  17. 63dot macrumors 603


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    Without getting into discussions about destiny or genes, what you say makes sense. If one puts in the time to exercise, for instance, the chances are better that not only will you live longer, but healthier.

    Of course, we all know those really obese people who seem to live forever (I know a lady who is in her 90s) or have incredibly low cholesterol (former co-worker). And then there are those who can eat anything and everything in sight and never gain any weight or age (he, he, I am thinking about Macrumor's own Lee Kohler) ;) .
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    Modern life makes money intrinsically linked to survival but the relentless pursuit of hoarding more and more of it sure isn't. That's not where I place my value(s). Maybe it's easy for me to say having never had to truly suffer poverty, but I find time a lot more important. As with most things, it's about finding a balance.
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    Time. Because money can come and go, but not time...
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    Time. At my last job I convinced my boss to let me work 4 days a week just to give me some spare time to do what I wanted to do.

    Fortunately, my current job is something I would happily spend my spare time doing anyway, so it's not a compromise I feel an urge to try and make.
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    Opportunity costs. Time always has a value > $
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