What does everyone expect from MWSF?


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Sep 24, 2002
Just wondering what everyone thinks might be released or updated at MWSF. Does anyone think that the PowerMacs will get an update by that time? I'm pretty sure the new PowerBooks will be released by then, and definitely a new 19" lcd (maybe even an update to the entire line?)

Personally I'm shopping for a PowerMac but I don't wanna buy it today and then come MWSF an updated version comes out. Do you guys think this will happen? :confused:

Anyways, let me know what you guys think, and what you guys expect and/or are hoping for when MWSF comes rolling into SF's Moscone Center (its literally across the street from my office :D).


Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Its quite some time away, but with all the news lately, well, its anyone's guess. New PowerMacs would be nice, but more than a speed bump would be wishful thinking.

New monitors, all wide format, 17", 19" and 23"


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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
What I expect from MWSF:

1. A day off work on my birthday.

2. A bag full of assorted doo-dads that will sit in the corner in my living room until I finally throw almost all of it away some months later.

3. Maybe some cool free stuff, depending on how lucky I am and/or how many vendors I can convince I have "purchasing authority."

4. New geek tech, and not just from Apple (MWSF was the first place I ever saw the awesome half keyboard).

5. Attractive women. Mac girls seem to be far cuter than the norm for geek girls, and MWSF is the only place I've ever gotten into a conversation with an attractive woman based on owning the same model of laptop, or would ever expect to.

Oh, and I guess Apple might announce something as well. ;)


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Dec 3, 2001
Nothing of any significance I'd guess.

Maybe the G4 lineup will look something like this if we're lucky :

Entry level :

Dual 1Ghz G4, 1Mb L3
167Mhz FSB
GeForce4MX (64mb version)
80Gb 7200rpm HD, 2Mb cache

Mid Range :

Dual 1.25Ghz G4, 2Mb L3
167Mhz FSB
Radeon 9000
100Gb 7200rpm HD, 8Mb cache

high end :

Dual 1.5Ghz G4, 2Mb L3
167Mhz FSB
Radeon 9000
120Gb 7200rpm HD, 8Mb cache

The reason I think they'll use the same motherboard for all systems is to cut down on cost. The current Pioneer superdrive would be used in the entry level and mid range models to keep costs down, It's at least 50% cheaper now that it was even 4 months ago. I think they'll use the faster version in the highend and play on the standard capabilities of the minitowers.

Of course there should be no increase in the price of the range compared to the current 867Mhz, 1Ghz and 1.25Ghz models at all.

It would also make the entry level model a good performer, the mid range an excellent performer and the high end an option for people at least.

I wouldn't bank on anything more than a 250Mhz increase myself, I certainly wouldn't bank on there being any point in buying a high end 1.5Ghz model either if there's still 1.25Ghz models from the current range going for a song at the time.


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Mar 31, 2002
Maryland, USA
I doubt the PowerMacs will be released at MWSF. The reason is simple, the last two Macworlds, the updates were 3 to 4 weeks after Macworld.


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Oct 20, 2002
Originally posted by gopher
I doubt the PowerMacs will be released at MWSF. The reason is simple, the last two Macworlds, the updates were 3 to 4 weeks after Macworld.
Sorry to say that I agree, but hope abounds. I want a new Power Mac, but want PPC 970 & full use DDR. Only Steve knows what will be released! :)


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Aug 23, 2001
What I expect (and want)

Here's what I expect to be presented at MWSF:

1. New Displays - all widescreen; 17", 19" (maybe keep 22") and 23"
2. Update of the PowerBook - 800 MHz and 933 MHz (or 1 GHz), 64 MB of VRAM, 60 GB HD (maybe 80 GB in high-end), integrated Bluetooth, maybe DDR (doubtful)
3. Of course, software demonstrations (of what? I don't know)

What I want?
All of the above plus one of the following:

1. Update of iBook - 800 MHz G3, (maybe a G4), 32 MB of VRAM, 30 GB HD and 40 GB HD, Bluetooth
2. Update of iMac - 933 MHz to 1 GHz, RADEON 9000, 17" widescreen only (maybe 19")

I'd like to see an update to the iMac, mainly because I'm in the market for one.
Same as MWNY

I expect a boatload of hype and high expectations followed by the dismal feeling of being let-down and underwhelmed once again, possibly coupled with the nauseating gutknot of having a service or functionality removed from my machine or kept up for a fee.

Two, three years ago.... now THOSE were MacWorlds....


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Sep 24, 2002
Alritey, based on everyone's speculations, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and buy myself a dual 1ghz powermac and not wait for MWSF to come out with something new. It kinda sucks that the superdrive that comes with it now is... well pretty much outdated after pioneer's 4x dvd-r announcement, but I think the dual 1ghz is good enough to last me for a while.

Or maybe I'll do a coin toss to decide..."Heads Buy Now, Tails Buy after MWSF"



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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR
Facts and guesses...

Fact: Motorola plans a .13 micron G4+, the 7457. It is planned to go to 1.833GHz.

Guess: Motorola's .13 micron stuff should be coming out pretty soon (this is the third .13 micron thing I've heard about from them). If it's released in a January-ish timeframe, then we would see it in new products over the next few months.

Guess: the 7457 (or the low power variant, the 7447) would have low enough power usage for the iBook. 800MHz 7447 iBooks anyone? Or a lower heat TiBook 1GHz TiBook?

Fact: the iMac hasn't been updated since MWNY.

Fact: Apple is EOLing its 15" LCD screens

Guess: Lower-end iMac models with 17" screens, 7457 if it's out by then, 133MHz bus. probably 733-933-ish clock frequency. This would be very good for me.

Guess: 15" Studio Display dicontinued (wide screen 15" a possibility, but I think it's probably too short). Probably a 19" added, w/ 17" price drops (especially if the iMac allows them to buy bulk 17" widescreens).

Fact: the PPC 970 will not be in any Macs around MWSF2003.

Guess: Maybe the first Omniweb 5 sneakypeeks? <whiny voice to Omnigroup> please? </whiney voice>

Guess: 10.2.2 will be out by then.

Fact: XServe RAID will be released around then (confirmed by Apple).

Guess: Rendesvous iTunes will be released.

Guess: iChat 1.x or 1.0.x will be released. Hopefully it'll be less buggy.

Guess: 10.2.2 will have improved RAID support for XServe RAID.

Overall Guess: new iMacs, XServe RAID, 19" display, iTunes, 10.2.2


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Mar 5, 2002

and when are usb2 and firewire2 going to be implemented?

and IBM processors (i know, i know - too soon. but i want one).

and AAC compression in itunes?

just a grab-bag of little treats i'd like to see.

i have VOWED to wait for the 'G5' - or whatever the next step up is - but my G3 tower is looking painfully crap these days, particularly when compared with my bro's dual-gig baby. i want something new, and i want it soon.


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Jan 3, 2002
the last few macworlds have been consumer- and software-focussed. I'd expect much the same, ALTHOUGH now that Jaguar is out, there's less software stuff to talk about.

My guess is for an iMac update and some iSoftware updates, like iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3. What were those recent software acquisitions Apple's made?

If we're lucky, the 'one more thing' might be a new iPod/iPhone. But that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Don't expect new Powermacs until a few weeks later at the earliest. And I wouldn't bet on new processors; just a speedbump.

Powerbooks and displays will have been updated by then, going by today's news. So all that leaves is the iBook. My crystal ball is pretty murky on that one.


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Oct 20, 2002
Maybe Steve will make a major announcement at MWSF instead of after the show, as his practice of late, just to put us off guard! :)


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Oct 24, 2002
Some more to add onto Catfish_Man's fact/guess stuff

FACT: Apple is giving away 10.2 to all k-12 teachers for free

GUESS: Though this all may be goodwill, I'm thinking that Apple is getting rid of stock for SOME reason. Maybe they're going to release some updated version of 10.2, so 10.2.2 or something like that should be in the works. Probably not another major OS upgrade, but I'm thinking something, oh say, driver wise.

GUESS: Apple will release a new version of wireles networking using the 802.11a standard.

GUESS: Apple's new computers will use USB2.0. They've always been the company to initiate change, I'm thinkin that they'll lead the revolution into 2.0. Probably another reason to release 10.2.2 -> have a release on the new systems that supports USB 2

GUESS: New version of firewire (the so called "giga-wire"). Supposedly from news sites such as Slashdot, Geek.com and The Reg, such a protocol was to be in the works from apple. Who knows, just a guess. Goes with the OS upgrade too though; newer hardware needs new support, and apple's going to build it into their operating system.

GUESS: Completely updated version of the Powerbook. I think apple *might* redesign the Powerbook to shove more hardware into it. Maybe we'll get the ever elusive "notebook superdrive."

Overall, I think there might be a complete revamp of the Apple line. Everything is starting to become a bit old in design, so they might redo everything, which would setup the next gen macs using the new IBM processor


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Oct 25, 2001
Minot, North Dakota
I'm betting that we'll finally see updated iMacs. Although, my prediction is likely excessively optimistic:

- 867 and 1167MHz
- 133MHz System Bus
- 256MB and 512MB RAM
- Combo Drive and Superdrive
- All 17" Displays

Yet, the math of my prediction proves that an update of this likeness isn't impossible.

700 to 867MHz = 20% increase
800 to 1167 = 32% increase

This would not be--by any means--the largest increase in speed known to an Apple computer. Besides, if the PowerMac line is moving to 1000-1500, a 1.1GHz iMac may not be far off.


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Jul 16, 2002
back in NYC!
Originally posted by Quark
LOL, that's funny :D.

I think BarkMonster's stats are the most accurate. I think there is going to be a bunch of hardware updates coming up. The iMacs need an update, the powerbooks need an update, and the powermacs need an update. I hope all 3 get one.


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May 5, 2002
Gold Coast, Australia
Guess: airpoirt base station with built in bluetooth.
Guess: Annoucement-Appleworks 7-release by end of 2003
Guess: A wirelrss/bluettoth mouse (wwith a slid state sscrolling pad (like on the ipod. but kuch smaller).


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Oct 27, 2002
Los Angeles, California
Macworld SF

I really hope that Apple makes all of their displays widescreen but my biggest hope is that if a new powerbook isn't released before Christmas that it's released at Macworld SF. The HD in my iBook SE just crashed and I replaced it with a 40gb Fujitsu, which makes the machine a little better, but I still need a laptop that can run OS X.2.

Hopefully the new displays will have a redesign on the exterior as well as the interior, not that anything is wrong with the current ones, just hoping for something new because these displays have looked the same for a while.

Maybe this will be where Apple does something huge to get ready for the IBM chips that are available late next year. Also, I hope it won't be a disappointment that produces no new hardware, but we'll see.


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May 23, 2002
I'm not really expecting much in SFMW. If Apple doesn't come out with an updated PowerBook or revised Display line in the next couple of weeks then I expect it them come out at MWNY. I don't expect PowerMacs to be updated until Feb-March. iBooks could be updated depending on what happens to the Powerbook. iMacs and eMacs could be bumped to 1Ghz. Maybe some new iApp or iDevice.

Pentium Killer

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Apr 10, 2002
Well I am expecting a G5 from Motorola at 1.4 Ghz,1.6 Ghz and 1.8 Ghz.The same as last year,so my hopes are not too high ;)
But I really think Motorola will impress us this time....


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Oct 20, 2002
Originally posted by Pentium Killer
Well I am expecting a G5 from Motorola at 1.4 Ghz,1.6 Ghz and 1.8 Ghz.The same as last year,so my hopes are not too high ;)
But I really think Motorola will impress us this time....
I hope you are correct! :)


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Jul 2, 2002
iMac update...

What are the odds that they'll make an iMac with support for a second (non-mirrored) display?