what does everyone want for the new year?


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Jul 9, 2000
now that many listed what they got for christmas, what software programs do you wish to see that are apple compatible in the coming year?

i would like to see photoshop really soon

and this might sound strange, but i would like to see a version of frontpage for os x

ps - happy new year everybody

My 2002 Mac-related Hopes (Fantasies?)

Software Fantasies:

a) XSI (but that ain't gonna happen)

b) Max (ain't gonna happen, either)

c) Houdini (I have similar optimism for this one)

d) Improved Maya support for the G4, multiple processors, OS X

I wanted to mention other hopes as well...

Hardware Fantasies:

a) Better cost/performance ratios, whether this is accomplished with an Apollo, a G5, whatever.

b) LCD iMacs

c) Lower-cost iPod

d) Super-cool case design for new machines: ultra-modern, sleek, simple

Other Fantasies:

a) Selma Hayek

b) Tia Carrera

c) Carmen Elektra (a name as real as her boobs)

d) Janet Jackson

e) Lucy Liu

(I really wanna see these hi-profile people come to the Mac)


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Dec 6, 2001
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Not too many of us floating around here, but its good to see a fellow Maya, Max user. One question though, Maya IS for OSX, so why are you wishing for it? Maybe I mis-read.

Check out Cinema4DXL by Maxon. Its not bad.

Yes! Lower cost iPod. 400.00 is just TOO expensive. Cut it by half and I may be interested. Not gonna happen though.

Yes! I would like to see all the Apple Desktops follow the iBook and TiBook in their case designs. The Quicksilver looks good, but a all-new design would be better. I think we will have to wait for the G5 before we get that though. The 7460 wont have a new design, but maybe a revised one.

Both the iBook and TiBook are just beautiful.

Dont forget Shannon Elizabeth though.


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Jul 10, 2001
Dear Bill

FrontPage on OS X - a welcome addition I'm sure, but here's the top of my wish list from Mircrosoft...

Dear Bill, please release these for OS X in 2002:
- MS Outlook
- MS Project
- MS Visio

If Microsoft released these for OS X it would start to look like a real business platform, and become the best platform for software development.


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Aug 14, 2001
What I Really Want

What I really want is for Apple to come out with more new, innovative products that will woo the PC crowd. I would love to see a G5 or an iPDA, but that stuff would please us (the devotees) more than Joe & Jill consumer. Whatever surprises may come, I hope the new products will inspire those “…so why haven’t I considered buying an Apple” thoughts. Maybe like the MP3 enthusiast who’s head was turned by the iPod, I hope these new iMacs will win some of those the Dell / Gateway buyers away from those stupid kid and cow commercials. Maybe make THEM look like the toys… (for once)

What I really want? Baby-steps… (10% of the PC market running Macs)
Wow! Great comments from everybody…

Outlook is a GREAT one. Don't know why I didn't think of that myself. That's one I've been wanting myself, as Mail just doesn't do it for me.

For agreenster, who wrote: "Maya IS for OSX, so why are you wishing for it? Maybe I mis-read." Yeah, you misread ;-) Maya's performance in OS X is lacking, and its review in Macworld was less than stellar. Apparently it doesn't--of all things--support multiple G4s, and it needs greater compatibility with X. Hence, its performance was weak.

tfaz1 wrote that he/she would like to see greater "wow" products that could lure in some Windows market share. Well I'll tell ya, the only thing that's gonna lure in some Windows market share is lower prices, and Steve already said that he has no plan of doing that. Idiot. He wants to sell his products as quality products that justify a higher price. But in today's HIGHLY competitive computer market, that's idiotic. And after skimming through DV's review of 6 dual-processor workstations, including the dual-800MHz G4, and reading how badly it performed versus the others, well, there's little justification to me about the Mac's higher prices, DVD-burning or not. Granted, the tests were mostly for OS9. Perhaps when AE comes out for X, and DV does their annual workstation review next year, things will be different. But until more apps ARE X-compatible, the Mac just won't be competitive with x86 solutions. So lower your prices Steve until the Mac has all the apps it needs—written to take advantage of multiple G4s and OS X—to be truly competitive.

Oh... who's Shannon Elizabeth?


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Jul 9, 2000
600+ is good enough for me

after over 600 posts, i am retiring from macrumors this dec 31 and it's been a joy being here for 18 months

thanks for sharing your 2002 wishes for apple stuff


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