what fresh kinko's is this?


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Nov 5, 2001
Cowtown, OH
Well the rounds of Kinko's rumors are starting up again, but the current changes in their corporate culture (most stores not open 24 hours and they moved to Texas for god's sake) make this one slightly more plausible. Yes, it appears that they are ditching Apple after a 15 year+ relationship. No Macs in the stores. Period. Boy, that Quark for Windows is a popular program with all those graphic kiddies now isn't it?

What is the logic behind this? After putting on my moron hat, the only thing I can think of is a short term income statement gain. Granted the store I used to work in will lose a conservative $40K in revenue a month (digital output/computer rental), but they'll save at least $3K in expenses (hardware/software). Not to mention that the stores have been doing document creation almost exclusively on Mac for years.

So, with all that in mind are there any of you rumormongers that know of a retail alternative to what Kinko's is currently offering (as subpar as it is at times)? Copymax here in the midwest 86'd all of their self serve computers and there's not a mac in the building. And a note to all you Kinkoids that haven't chewed yourself off at the ankle yet, no better time to work for the competition, eh?


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Jan 2, 2001
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the way I see it...

First off, I'll say up front that I am no fan at all of Kinko's, nor their unhelpful computer dept. Kinko's has no business at all dealing with design systems.....let alone their outrageous prices for computer use. I think it's a shame they are going to ditch the Macs and keep their PCs....other than the simple fact that PCs cost less than Macs....I don't see any justification.

Personally, if they are going to keep just their PCs, then chances are it'll most likely be for people bringing in jobs they created in Microsoft Word or even Publisher....jobs that were probably done at home by someone who has not the slightest clue how to design or layout. It's these type of print jobs we constantly have to either "fix" or turn away at my job....making my work life a living hell at times!! (I apologize if I hit a nerve on anyone here who fits this criteria.)

Kinko's made it's mark as a copy center...and should remain that way.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
copy club

Some one built a "CopyClub" next door to Kinkos in my city that is 2x the size. I dont like kinkos my self. I think it will be an interesting battle for copying pissing ground.
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