what happened to apple in 2000?

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    What in the world happened to Apple's stock price in sept of 2000? I realize this is old news, but I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I looked at the 5 year history of AAPL stock price. What caused such a dramatic and sudden drop? I can't think of anything that Apple has done recently to deserve such treatment! Please fill me in.
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    Apple was the first to report the earnings hit by the recession. Being the first, the analysts said:

    "See! Their toast! They're finally dying! Sell!"

    Then the following weeks and months, everybody began hits, if not out-and-out losses. And the analysts responded:

    "Oh, umm. Err. Ok. Uhh. Hmm. Well, maybe Apple is just reporting first."

    Since then, Apple has been reporting profits.

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