What happened to Domestic Security?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Jun 27, 2004.

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    OK, this may be nothing new to most of you, but I thought it merited revisiting...the quotes below are from a Washington Post Article discussing the relationship between the top-tier Bush donors (Pioneers) and their perceived influence w/in the Administration...while I obviously find this somewhat sickening, I chose to focus on the Chemical Industry, because of it's relation/vunerability to terrorist attacks. This is part of the larger picture of our Domestic Security concerns being not adequately addressed; from inspection of shipping containers (2% of total), to security on Nuclear and Chemical Plants, to Border Patrol...

    So my question is: Why are these concerns below the radar of the average citizen? Why has nothing been done to flesh out Homeland Security w/ adequate funding...this all seems like such a serious oversight, and if, god forbid, there was another domestic terrorist attack, would the blame go here, where it ought to, or overseas, to the supposed "source". As much as I disagree with Isreali Policy at times, at least they have the good sense to take care of domestic security...

    This is not meant to be an attack on Bush per se, although there is a definite link in terms of money...but he IS the President, and the Republicans currently control Congress, so who else should I blame? I am sure the Democrats also can be faulted for this oversight, but I feel blame should be proportional to who has the power to change these things, and for now, that is the GOP...Will this even prove to be much of an Election issue? I know Kerry commented on the Shipping Container situation when speaking in Seattle, but I guess I am incredulous by all this...comments?

    here is the link:
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    You've got me. And they complained about Clinton selling a night in Lincoln's bedroom.

    this is why i am calling for everyone to vote the incumbents of both parties to be voted out. And hold the new ones to a new level of excellence.

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