What happened to my iPhone 3G and how to fix it?

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    Sep 17, 2010
    I use my iPhone 3G as an alarm to wake me up early in the morning, and typically place it right next to me on my bed. The other night I woke up late; not only did my alarms not go off, my phone wouldn't turn on! It had full battery charge.
    I looked at the phone closer and noticed what seemed to be condensation droplets under the camera-lens which was really strange because the phone was on my bed like I have been doing for last couple years. Also, when I removed my case there was a thin layer of some sort of liquid lining the back of my phone/inside of case; did not see any fluid/liquid on front though, and I can still see dried liquid on my case which has stayed on the case.
    I have a jailbroken (3.1.3) iPhone 3G, but have not downloaded, updated, connected to iTunes, or anything in the last couple of months so I don't believe this is a software issue. I looked as best as I could down the headphone jack for the "liquid-sensor" but did not see any color change. About 1 month ago I had to replace my battery and dock connector and everything installed perfectly (after costing $120 or so).
    I have tried force-resetting the phone many times, buried my phone in dried white rice for nearly 24 hours (got rid of condensation under camera-lens...), tried every way to connect to iTunes, and NOTHING has worked. Please, does anyone have an idea as to what may have happened? And what can I do / have to do to fix it? I just spent all that money on repairing my phone and I cannot possibly afford a new phone right now (student).
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