What happens when you change phone numbers or iPhone country SIM cards?

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    So the Watch 3 uses the eSIM which uses the same phone number as the iPhone .What happens when you change numbers or use a different SIM from overseas?

    EDIT; Oh wow. I just saw the thread

    Well that sucks. I travel all the time swapping my Asian and north American SIM cards. A Lot of good an eSIM stuck on north American LTE does.
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    Not exactly. The watch get's it's own phone number with the cell carrier. The magic of using the paired iPhone's number is handled on the carrier's back-end system.

    No roaming is supported at all. The magic only works on the carrier's network.

    The ability to use your watch on another carrier is currently unclear as to if the e-SIM will be locked to the original activation or if it can be used on another carrier.

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    I think the esims are about like CDMA was before those carriers started using SIM cards for LTE. In theory there shouldn't be anything stopping you from switching carriers, but they likely won't allow it.
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    Well going by the article I linked to it won't be possible :(

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