What "I" think is one of The best differences about the mac! from the Pcheese world.


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Whats I just recently realized was that alot of my spare time was no longer used checking up on the PC world from all the many sources that are available.

I dont buy anymore ugly Pcheese magazine and read about all the upcoming chips or Gates new attempt at controlling people and companies.

I don't hound CNET anymore trying to figure out whats coming out and where I am going to buy it from and at what cost.

I don't worry anymore about all the compatibility issues that would float in my head whenever I tried to upgrade my Pcheese.

I don't have to deal with M$ and their crazy drivers and Direct frakin X graphic drivers.

I don't wonder and pray for a change to come to Windoze! I remember the days when I prayed fo it to recognize RAM over 256. that was insane!

Ofcourse that energy had to go somewhere, so I get more work done and go to Macrumors! LOL,,,, I get all my information from one source and dont have to do all the other things that I used to do.

Just some of the reasons that I love macs~

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
How come this thread is posted twice. Trying to get an extra post, are we? :D

W/O trying to sound biased, I know some people personally, who have shared their experiences with me about peecees. I know that a friend of my father wanted to make a backup disk with his peecee and it was almost successful. However a file was needed to be transfered to the CD to make it work. At least he told me that the windoze code can only operate with more than 640kb RAM with a certain file installed. And that file was not copied to the CD, resulting in, what is now, a CD that cannot be erased or f!!!!d with again.

My classroom at Pascack Hills (for now, the room I "live" in) has two peecees in them running eNpTy. Sometimes, when someone tries to log off the screen remains completely stagnant and unchanged. To get out of it, you have to press three buttons at once, then log out manually. On a Mac you have to pull down the menu and log off. And you do not usually get errors.

For those here, who are part of the MacPac on the forums, I think that the peecee fixer-upper at Pascack Hills needs a few words from us. Whenever she sees the iBook I bring to class, she calls my computer "Macincrap" :eek: And she only acknowledges peecees as the standard in the building.

Hew, mischief, can we have a few pies for the peecee techie? :D


Jul 9, 2000
did someone say pc techie...that's me

i really like to see how the windows/intel/amd world progresses just out of curiosity, but the thing that makes me want to pull out my wallet is a mac

sometimes i like the idea of a really reliable laptop like a toshiba or a really good pc multimedia laptop like a sony vaio

...but when i see an ibook for 1199 or 1499, then i forget about the pc laptops/desktops in the same price range

i can't see spending even five hundred for a pc if that means i will have to repair it and at the same time, not get paid for my own services

i like the idea of getting paid to fix pcs, so why should i get a pc and fix it for free

i do have one pc i use these days and i don't stress it out with games or photoshop, thus i need to only defrag one a month...and also i use the ibook two out of three times, too

and in three years, i have not re-installed the ibook's os (os 9.0) or degragged it even once and it works like new...after more than 1,000 boot ups