What if Microsoft dropped Windows altogether and instead focused on .NET? What then?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Shrek, Sep 27, 2002.

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    Jul 23, 2002
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    Though I don't think it would ever happen, imagine if Mac OS was ported to x86 and became very popular. So popular in fact, that M$ decided to drop Windows (a very small part of its revenues) and instead focus that part of its business entirely on .NET. This could be a smart move for Microsoft in this case because they know that wherever .NET is they are going to make money. Plus, this would be good for the industry because .NET would make all applications that run on it compatible with multiple platforms, eliminating the need for companies to port their applications to multiple OSs/platforms. :)

    Just a thought. . . ;)
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    Aug 15, 2002
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    Except you couldn't run any of this programs as the software is M$ based only. grrrrrrrrrr

    think before you post!!!

    Do you really understand .Net????? Many people comment on it and really understand the concept or the power behind it. Also there are similar offerings from IBM and Sun and it would be plain silly to think .Net is the only offering of webservices.

    [added now the alcohol is flowing better]

    .Net isn't really about building webapps. It is something that can be done with the technology but it much more than what your post is suggesting. You need to think beyond your desktop machine. The home pc is a very small part of the role of computer. More in to the corporate world and Government where software is used to complex computations that link in to apps. This is more where .Net is aimed. Link all this different services together and you have a v powerful solution. Ineffect it's back to using mainframes for your processing power and your terminal just links the processes together.

    Where the M$ OS is heading is to act as the terminal (digital dashboard) that ties all the bits of string together. XP is just the beginning and OS is a key part in the future on .Net.
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    Other far-fetched fun:

    Xerox goes chapter 11.

    Apple buys the original work behind the GUI in the resulting feeding frenzy and files a cease and decist on M$.

    Ta Da.:D :rolleyes:

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