What is a succesful business?

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    What is an successful business to you?

    I run my own small business.

    I currently employ 39 people, that is projected to grow to 250 by the end of next year.

    I consider my start up a runway success... I provide huge funds to local soup kitchens, shelters ...charity and ect. Wal Mart does no such thing.

    But, some posters on the right wing think I should worship Wal Mart, and think it helps anyone.

    According to some posters on the right wing, I should shut down tomorrow, and destroy good paying jobs, Because I am not Wal Mart.

    According to right wing of America

    My business that provides amazing wages, health insurance to its workers, and lots of funds to help out the local community.

    Is a failure. In the GOP, paying slave wages is freedom.

    I guess my successful business that has create jobs, and helped local jobs

    Needs to either pay low wages, or sell out

    Living wages kill America!
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    If you do a thing, do it well, make decent money off it, maybe enjoy doing it, and have a satisfied bunch of customers/clients, that is not success. You only succeed by expanding rapidly, overwhelming the competition and buying them out for peanuts, then branching out into other, unrelated areas, until you dominate the entire marketplace across the boards and decent people such as that one guy kowtow to you with gifts and abject supplication.

    If you are not stressed to the cases-of-scotch level, barely holding your personal life together and detesting the little people you have stepped on and exploited to get where you are, you have not succeeded. You hippie.
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    A successful business provides a useful product or service that people both want and need, and, is a functioning part of the community (or communities) in which it exists.

    (Unrelated aside: I note that, from what I read in the Sunday newspapers, it costs quite a bit extra to make the transition from a small to medium business, so, I hope you have extra set aside for that sometimes very difficult transition.)

    {several fit here}
    Honestly, I would be happy if every single person on this planet has something, and is, in some way, a success. And, I think you would be, too. But, sadly, there are some people who don't want to see that, and who somehow mentally demand a world in which there are people at the bottom of the social hierarchy who not only don't really succeed, but, who are socially recognizable as failures.

    I attribute this trait to our simian ancestry. Robert Sapolsky was featured in a National Geographic TV show about stress, which illustrated this sort of social behavior in baboons. It is a fact that some simians show some pretty ugly tendencies at times, but, I'm not proud of that myself.
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    A successful business is one where the company provides value to its customers and/or clients, pays its employees living wages, provides means for its employees to grow (training, tuition assistance, career path) and participates in the community they are located in, whether it be donating time, money or supplies.
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    Southern Dad

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    Nothing like starting out a thread totally mischaracterizing me. Everything you think I'm going to say. I'll let this one die out on its own as you really aren't interested in a conversation.
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    Really? You claim Wal mart is the most important business in America, and we would go into an economic crisis if they fell.

    How am I characterizing you? Seems like its exactly what you think
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    Indications based on the multitude of opinions you have expressed in this forum don't sound like mischaracterization. In another thread, you told him that his "little business" is not important, IMO illustrating your worship of max profits to the detriment of the work force. Why would he want to have a conversation with you? His stated philosophy and by the sound of it, his business priorities are what this country needs more of desperately.
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    To my mind a successful business is one that takes cares of its customers and staff insofar as possible and earns a reasonable profit. I believe that such businesses, which inspire people, are likely to last longer than the ones dominated by unfettered short-sighted selfishness. That is certainly true in the UK, where many chains with a customer-vindictive buyer-beware attitude no longer exist.

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