What is the Best Possible HomeKit Set Up for My Home?

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    Theres so many sub forums here on MR and rather than to hide this wonderful thread somewhere in iPhone, iPad or iOS programming, I figured it be best to make this a community discussion so here goes:

    In about 2 weeks I'll be moving into my own apartment in Las Vegas and finally have a place to call my own. In my very own apartment I wouldn't mind creating a 'smart-house' in which worthy products can be connected via HomeKit. Of course you'll remember HomeKit being introduced over a year ago with iOS 8 and has since had a slow roll out; however admittedly some companies are really running with it. I'm here today asking the MacRumors community of these best practices when it comes to connecting my new apartment with HomeKit.

    For example, I've heard that an AppleTV3 (not 2) is needed to be able to control HomeKit devices while AWAY from your home and network. Though I've also seen companies such as Insteon sell 'hubs' I can only imagine if these are needed in lieu of an Apple TV3.

    As for the setup I wish to have, it would these features:

    1. Automatic window blinds
    2. At least 1 AirPlay speaker in each room
    3. Front door smart lock
    4. Video cameras security system
    5. Thermostat
    6. Light switches and dimmers
    7. ...maybe even a garage door opener

    The window blinds are what excite me, mainly with the thought that I can program them to open at sunrise in the mornings to better wake up naturally. The front door lock sounds appealing mainly only knowing that friends and family will come and visit on a weekly basis and would love to unlock my front door while I'm out at work.
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    Lol, no.
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    Depends on what you mean by "my own apartment". Are you leasing or renting it from someone? Or do you own it outright or with a mortgage?

    If you're renting or leasing, then there are probably limitations in your rental agreement that restrict the kinds of modifications you can make to the premises.

    Regarding the list of items itself, I suggest prioritizing it (step 1), and posting your budget (step 2) and timeline (step 3).

    Prioritizing tells us what you want done sooner, and what can wait till later.

    A budget tells us what price range you can accept. This is very important, because the pricing on home automation gear covers a wide range.

    A timeline tells us whether you can wait for products to show up on the market or not.

    For example, if there are no Homekit blinds right now (timeline), and you want them first (priority), and are willing to spend $3000 (budget), then you'd probably be best served by buying non-Homekit units with some kind of adapter (e.g. Insteon) that could later be attached to Homekit.

    At this time, there isn't a wide range of Homekit products available. That's another reason for telling us your priority, budget, and timeline. If you're willing to go with other systems like Insteon, you might find more products, but then you have to worry about bridging to Homekit. You need to plan for the system as a whole, including upgrading, interfacing, etc.

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