What is the best recommended DVD/Blu-Ray burner software to buy today?


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Sep 9, 2018
I had Nero Platinum for my Windows PC, but now that I switched to a Mac, what can I use to burn CD/DVD/BRs now for software? I have the drive already. Reasonably priced too.



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Aug 18, 2014
Yes, it is a bit expensive. If you want to burn audio/mp3 CDs, then you can do that through iTunes and Finder. If you want to burn just standard DVDs, then the free burn will be more than sufficient.
That works if you just want to do a burn, but Toast is much more than just burning software. It helps me save, organize, and list track names on CDs (full AIFF file), compress DL DVDs to fit on SL Discs, plus has other useful software included. Well worth the price for what i use it for. New versions will come out, but you don't need to update all the time to the latest version. Still using Toast 10 on one computer and Toast15 on another.
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