What Is The Best Way, Aside From Pen/Paper, To Capture & Review Your Day-To-Day Notes

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HappyDude20, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    Recently i've migrated from an iPad to an iPhone and am completely loving it. I somewhat miss the iPad, but for those of you that have just the iPhone, or all 3 devices (Mac, both iOS devices), I'm sure you can easily observe what i'm about to explain...

    Living in a day-to-day lifestyle where typing on a keyboard has overtaken cursive handwriting and most sheets of paper, I'm heavily wondering and seeking advice as how which is the best and most applicable solution in regard to finding a day-to-day tool that'll allow me to capture notes and review them on a regular basis.

    Back in 2002, I remember carrying a backpack with me everywhere, whipping out my pen and notebook binder to jot down notes. Now, I have an iPhone and feel I can use this device to capture everything. Admittedly, I'm one that considers the pen & paper combo to be the best solution ever, even better than an electronic device, though the iPhone itself sure beats carrying around multiple items/devices.

    To the point, I need to find a solution that will allow me to easily jot down notes; whether long or short and easily be able to review them at my leisure, whether for a quick second or an hour on end.

    Quick, Few Sentences About My Habits: i capture most of my thoughts using OmniFocus, though these are random thoughts that'll have potential meaning.. usually analyzed at the end of my day or work week. Recently, I've found myself having to take notes for a variety of reasons, whether school, finances, health/nutrition/exercise matter or the like.

    I'd really like to find either an app or alternative solution in being able to jot down productive, successful notes that'll allow me to successfully & fully be able to capture my thoughts in regards to the subject at hand and alternatively review them when the time comes...I've tried Pages and though I enjoy it, there is something holding me back from fully delving into this app. Iono, I guess this is where this forum community comes in.

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    To be honest, it kind of seems like you're overthinking...everything. Unless, of course, you're a comedian.

    But that is not what you wanted input on. I like Evernote as it syncs to your computer/online, is searchable, and has a bunch of other cool features.
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    I'd stick with the notebook/pen. It's fail-proof. The iPhone's predictive text is not conducive to jotting down quick, short-form notes at a moment's notice. It can get fumbly and frustrating. If the same thing happens to you when you're writing notes by hand, seek help! :eek:
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    A digital audio recorder, then voice-to-text software.

    I know several doctors that do voice-to-text on their office computers.

    You only have to bridge the gap from your mobility to your computer.
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    I'll have to try Evernote, again. Every time i've used it, it was w/ an iPod Touch before my iPhone which I found somewhat useless considering you can't use the app unless you're connected to the internet.

    I'm proactively wanting to move away from pen/paper, and into the iPhone seeing as having it for 3 weeks now, it's dramatically improved my mobility. I no longer carry around my backpack anywhere and have just my car keys, iPhone and wallet on me. Which is a huge benefit.

    This could work. On my iPhone I have 3 options; either the native Voice Notes app, Dragon Diction...or OmniFocus.

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