What is the best way to add a copyright title to the movie

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by hajime, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Hello. I have a quicktime video that I would like to post on the internet. I want to add a copyright message so that it appears during the entire video. Moreover, I want to prevent somebody else from removing the message (I read somewhere that people can take the file and remove the title layer). What is the best way to do it? Thanks.
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    What do software do you have?

    With iMovie 09 you can make a title above (and maybe if you search more a title below). Just place your text, and copy, or stretch it over the entire movie.
    Then export the movie.

    If you have FCP (I guess you don't) go to your browser, filters, generators, text. Type in your text, drag the text from the viewer in your timeline above the clip. Stretch it over the entire sequence. Then export the movie.

    I don't think you can remove a "baked" (that's the method I told you above) title. Cause there's no longer any material saved about what's behind the text. (something like filming your television, holding your hand in front of it, you can't get the information off what's behind your hand on the television).

    maybe they meant that you have a trial version of software, and remove the marked copyright by filling in the serial key.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have iMovie 6 HD and 09. Considering to buy FCE but not sure yet. I made the videos myself few years ago. Now, I plan to post the videos on the internet. I want to make sure that my name goes with the videos wherever they end up.
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    No matter what you do, someone who wants to steal your video will find a way to do it. If you put a nice logo or your name in the corner, they can crop it out. Or they can put their name over top of your name.

    So unless you put your logo over the middle of the video (which I don't recommend), someone's going to find a way to take your name off.

    By no means am I suggesting not putting your name on your videos, just saying that it's not reasonable to expect that your name will be on every "copy" of your video.


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