what is the best way to move the files to new computer

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by peterpan123, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Hello, I have used two macbook pro over the past few years. I believe one was under snow leopard and the other was under mountain lion. I have just bought a new rmbp 15" 2014. I backed both using time machine. The former computer was foe personal use. Lots of data and some programs. Then, my former workplace bought he one with mountain lion. This one has less data than the previous one. What suggestion do you have if I want to use data and some programs from previous computers?if I use migration, will older version of the iWorks software replace the ones preinstalled on the new computer?
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    This is my opinion only.

    I sense that if you use Migration Assistant, it's going to get pretty "confused" trying to migrate data from TWO computers into one (if that's possible at all).

    I would recommend:
    1. Install your apps first, manually. If you have no way to install apps other than via "migration", looks like you'll have to choose one of the two previous macbooks and go with that one only. You can set up MA so that only "apps" are migrated.

    2. I'll guess you could do the same with your old account (if you wish to keep it) and your data -- that is, use MA with only one of the previous macbooks, and "do the other one manually".

    3. TIP about migrating items in "home" folder:
    You cannot simply copy the entire home folder from one mac to another. Won't work.
    BUT -- you CAN copy the contents of folders -inside- the home folder.
    EXAMPLE: you can open the "Pictures" folder in the home folder, and copy items one-at-a-time (or a group of items) from that home folder into the Pictures folder on your new Mac, and the pics will "come through" fine.
    You may have to be careful about moving items like the "iPhoto library" from one home folder to another (these are actually folders with normally-hidden contents).

    What else you may need:
    - Pencil
    - Writing pad for notes
    - Some forethought...

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