What is the best way to use Windows 7 on a 15" MBPPro Retina?

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    First, I have read MANY threads in the forums, and while I don't fully understand Bootcamp or Parrells as someone who's actually installed or used either, I know about them to a degree.

    So, here are the rules (for lack of better term).

    1) Price is not an issue. I'm happy to buy/search for a new in box un-updated 15MBPro retina if an older version of an OS if necessary.

    2) Again, price is not an issue- I don't want to be limited by "free" options. I'm happy to search/buy any older version of Bootcamp or Parrells (if there is such a thing) and whatever would work with whatever computer.

    3) I don't want to jailbreak (or whatever the Mac equivalent of that is). I don't want to hack anything, or mess with the internals of any software or code or whatever. I'm hoping there is a software and version of OS that will let me do this cleanly, even if I have to pay or search for it.

    4) I don't need anything fancy. This is just to sort files, pages, documents and folders as you would on a Windows 7 desktop, but on a 15" Macbook Pro with retina. There is something to do with the project that NEEDS Windows 7, but it's a visual thing, so I'm happy to (and will probably anyway) use an external keyboard and mouse. That means fancy things like trackpad use and hacks to allow stuff like that are unnecessary.

    5) Yes, it HAS to be Windows 7. Not Windows 8 or 10 or an app or software or file sorting program or alot of other things people have suggested other places when I asked this. It really really has to be exactly Windows 7. If it matters, I won't need to connect to the internet, though it would be handy.

    6) Don't hate me. :p I love Apple and have switched everything to Apple except this one project that I will keep going for another year or two, and because of the nature of it, it has to be on a Windows 7 desktop.... so if I can do it on a Macbook that would be awesome/handy/easier for me. This Windows 7 thing was originally why I stayed with Windows, but once I started to use the machines and software of Macs and got used to them, OMG there's no going back. I just need to keep doing this one Windows 7 thing for a while longer.

    I'm hoping to find a solution by finding someone who's done this before, or that people with experience can tell me something like "if you can find a MBPrR with such-and-such OS on it, and buy a 4-year-old copy of Parrells that says xyz on the box...." that I can do it with available software. So many threads get into customizations to make little things work (like the trackpad, or sleep mode) that complicate it beyond what I need or understand.

    Any direction I can get from those who've done it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Current MBPs can only run Windows 10. You may be able to load windows 7 but you'll have find compatible drivers on your own.

    You can run windows 7 via virtualization and so if that is a must have (windows 7), then that's your best and easiest option.

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