What is the point of a screensaver, when the screen should just be off when not used?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dontwalkhand, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Ugh, This is an annoying trend that no one seems to have bucked just yet, what I am talking about is the public use of screen savers.

    When walking into a Sam's Club, they got these brand new cash registers (POS systems), that have touch screens facing the cashier, and the customer. Fine and dandy and all, unless the check stand is closed....Then it just sits there wasting electricity bouncing around a Sam's Club logo all over the screen on both the cashier monitor as well as the customer facing monitor....You know, just in case either the employee or customer forgets where he/she is at I guess :roll eyes:

    My local grocery store decides that the monitor is a great place to roll ads when the check stand isn't being used....more clever than a store logo, but last time I checked, not many people pay attention to a closed register anyway for the ad to get anyone's attention.

    While at Len's Crafters, the monitors for the computer were just flashing the "Windows XP Professional" screensaver.Who really cares what OS the Len's Crafters decides to use, I am there for glasses, not for OS shopping.

    PROPS TO APPLE for enabling sleep mode on a monitor by default!

    Now, I understand when a monitor does have to always be on, such as an ATM, or self checkout machine where it is designed to greet a user...that is great. But for the aforementioned systems, wouldn't it be better off showing NOTHING while the system isn't being used? (I.e, Sleep mode?) It isn't like it is going to take long when a cashier has to log in to the system at Sam's, or when they need to quickly look up information on a pair of glasses at Lens Crafters...just because the monitor has to wake up.
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    Mostly so the employees don't have to worry about the computer/POS working or not. Its just there, ready to be used. And, the power "waste" is negligible. On a portable, it makes sense, but for a desktop, its not that important.
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    Screen savers may have had their day back with CRT screens and phosphor burn in. The moving image has no chance to suffer burn in, but a company logo or the like may do so.


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