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    Ohio election software get last-minute update.

    A federal lawsuit filed Monday in Columbus, Ohio, charges the secretary of state's office with illegally installing untested software on voting systems in dozens of counties – a step that creates a digital “back door,” which someone wishing to alter vote totals might be able to exploit.

    The suit seeks a temporary injunction to prevent the state from using the software in Tuesday's election. A hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. in the US District Court for the southern district of Ohio, eastern division. If granted, an injunction could prevent Ohio votes from being formatted by the new software and sent to the office of Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) after polls close.

    The suit alleges that the secretary of state's office used a legal loophole to install software on electronic voting systems in 39 counties across the state without having it checked by the Ohio Board of Voting Machine Examiners, the state's technical board charged with reviewing elections software. State officials say they have followed federal guidelines and that the equipment is secure.

    If the software was not properly vetted, though, it could be vulnerable to tampering, the suit alleges. In an affadavit supporting the filing, James March, an expert witness on voting machines, testifies that the 28-page contract between the state and the firm that sells the software describes in detail the requirements for the software – showing that a third-party could gain access to county vote totals.

    Robert Fitrakis, the Green Party candidate for Congress who filed the suit, alleges that the secretary of state's office eluded the examining board's scrutiny by deeming the software "experimental," because last-minute fixes under that moniker do not require certification and testing. Mr. Fitrakis says the ES&S contract was leaked to FreePress.org, of which he is editor.

    "We have a law in Ohio that requires a review of any change or addition to equipment or software in the election process by a publicly accountable board," says Clifford Arnebeck, attorney for Fitrakis. "That didn't happen here. It's only because this copy of the contract was leaked to Free Press that we know about it."

    Can anyone explain to me why this had to be done today? Sure smells odd.

    (Fun Fact: the maker of the voting machines is
    Election Systems & Software
    11208 John Galt Blvd
    Omaha Nebraska
    – kinda creepy)
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    When it comes to things like this, I am inherently suspicious. I smell something fishy.

    Here's a video from David Pakman:


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