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Jan 14, 2009
Hi, i was watching Spooks on Friday night and noticed this sort of tablet thing that one of the officers was playing with, sorry for being optimistic but the Aluminium body, spaced out keys and glass screen... kind of points to Apple, if it isnt can anyone tell me what it is? thanks :D



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Small, lightweight and very inexpensive. If your requirements are modest, they can be very attractive. I'll just add that in their zeal to be another Apple, Sony has provided a bad example of the netbook market. Its too small (and thus awkward) and far too expensive and 3 hours of battery life is a joke today.


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Mar 3, 2006
Yeah, netbooks have their place. Sadly, I'm getting tired of the "paltry" 10" screen on my dell mini and thinking of swinging back up to a MB or MBP.


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Jul 5, 2008
Thule GL @ the TOW
I remember before the Netbooks came out Sony had this small computer that was like 2K or some ridiculous price...
...Sony still makes them, they started with the T, TR, TT and TZ series... they were ~11" ultraportables with more of a feature set than the MBA... yes they were expensive but I got my TR3A as a NIB "last year" model when the TT series came out for 50% off from the new model so at ~$1,100 it was a great buy 6 yrs ago... wireless, CD-RW built in optical drive, PCMCIA slot, 2 USB, a 6 hour battery life, 1368x768 max resolution and only weighing in at 3 lbs...

It was great until one of my coworkers dropped it and since its 6 yrs old and Sony CS stinks (now and back then), I probably wouldn't buy another one (but then again, I wouldn't buy a MBA either)...

...and that Sony P series was/is seriously under powered AND they loaded it down further with winVista... now they have the W series which is more "netbook" like in terms of spec, price and size (for a Sony product that is)...
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