What mouse you using?

Erehy Dobon

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Feb 16, 2018
Original Magic Trackpad on home Mac mini.

Original Magic Mouse with MacBook Air on the road.

Cheapo Logitech wired USB mouse plugged into USB-C hub in rare occasion I fire up the Air at home.


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Jan 3, 2015
I've gotten used to the Magic Trackpad well enough, but for times when I'm working in photoshop or otherwise need more precise control, the Magic Mouse does great (on my iMac).

At home (on my pc)/work though - I use the Logitech G502 / G500 (both wired)


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Aug 20, 2007
Never found a mouse I was happy with, they all have wheels with stupid incremental notches which are designed for scrolling spreadsheets. Supposedly there are some Logitech mice out there with so called “hyper scroll“ free spinning wheels but they always seep, to be weird awkward right handed things.

The other issue is of using a mouse with a fullsized keyboard, the ergonomics just don’t feel right, the mouse and hand is too far away from the keyboard.

I used a Sensei Raw mouse, it is ambidexdrous, but was annoying with all these buttons made for gamers, (annoying is everything is made for gamers now). I physically removed all the side buttons, it felt ok, but the left and right buttons feel bad and not always positive had to click many times twice to work, no gestures, bad scroll wheel, argh.

I gave up on the mouse idea and started thinking about on solution based on experience with MacBook Pro 2010 trackpad.

In the end I decided on a Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad mounted in a moulded housing called the eXpress Keyboard Platform.

It’s not perfect, I actually hate the feel of the keyboard, probably the worst feeling Apple keyboard I’ve used, and hate the full sized left/right arrow keys, make way to many mistakes on it. The Trackpad is in my experience obnoxiously large, it really is way way bigger than it needs to be.

These are the compromises over the mouse solution. The benefit is the trackpad has silky smooth scrolling and feels beautiful, it has all the nice gestures is nice ergonomically, much nicer than mouse with full sized keyboard. Although the extra obscenely sized Trackpad is not as ergonomic as my 2010 17” MacBook Pro, and the MBP keyboard feels so so much softer and nicer than that hard and brutal feeling keys on Magic Keyboard.

This could be improved, the size of the Magic Trackpad 2 would be better suited to a full sized Keyboard moulded in the eXpress Keyboard Platform. If only the Keyboard was the same as the ones form 10 years ago, full sized wired keyboard but with LED backlit, this would be closest to perfect solution for me.


May 10, 2004
I also replaced my M705 for a G603 thanks to the Logitech deal.

As expected, lack of fast scrolling does not cut it (Windows Update deferral).


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Oct 9, 2005
On my home PC, I'm using a Surface Precision mouse. I like it very, very much. Also using the matching Surface Keyboard with fingerprint ID.

My home medical PACS workstation has a Logitech Marathon Mouse and an MX Keys keyboard (needed a low-profile backlit keyboard).

On my home Mac, I'm currently using a combination of the Magic Trackpad and a Logitech MX Anywhere 2S (in white/grey) along with a full-size Magic Keyboard.

The PC at the office has a Logitech Marathon Mouse and a Logitech Mechanical K840 keyboard which I like for long typing sessions.
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Aug 2, 2009
On my Mac Pro 4.1-5.1 I use a many year old cheap Logitech usb mouse , on my HP z2 ,I use the generic mouse that it came with , on my MBP's I use a Logitech v470 bluetooth mouse . All 3 fit my hand comfortably , work reliably ; unlike the horrid Magic Mouse that I wasted money on . It looks great , but is an ergonomic nightmare if you have big hands and a touch of arthritis in your fingers . Apple would do well to subcontract their mouse (mice)(and keyboards) to Logitech . Just ship a basic $20 wired mouse (and wired keyboard) with their systems that folks can use rather than an unusable work of art .
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