What was the reason WhatsApp was pulled from the store?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MarceFX, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. MarceFX macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2006
    Graná (Spain)
    Hi guys,

    Simple question, hard answer: why do you think WhatsApp was pulled from the store a couple of weeks ago? Any news on that?

    I'm actually writing an article about this issue on my blog, so your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Darth.Titan macrumors 68030


    Oct 31, 2007
    Austin, TX
    It must have just been pulled from your country's App Store. It's still available in the US.

    Perhaps you could try contacting the developer?

    Edit: Nevermind, your answer can be found here. Google is your friend.

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  3. ah123 macrumors regular

    Jul 5, 2011
    Was it pulled permanently?

    It was pulled here for a day or so but that was because they were releasing an update for it.
  4. MarceFX thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2006
    Graná (Spain)
    Thanks but... anyone noticed the "a couple of weeks ago" comment on the text? I know it'still online. Sorry if the title of the post is a little confusing, cant edit now.

    I'm researching on this PAST issue in order to find out what the real reason was.

  5. Calidude macrumors 68000


    Jun 22, 2010
    Nobody knows for sure why it was pulled. Some websites said it was because of the security issue Whatsapp had, but Whatsapp denied that was the case.

    We'll probably never know.
  6. ah123 macrumors regular

    Jul 5, 2011
    It *could* have been permanently pulled "a couple of weeks ago" - hence the question. No worries.

    Don't apps normally get pulled from the app store when a new version is pending? I also heard the security issue story but no official comment was given. You can try to go through the Whatsapp twitter page (@wa_status) to see if anything was mentioned there.
  7. Small White Car macrumors G4

    Small White Car

    Aug 29, 2006
    Washington DC
    No. Usually the transition is seamless.
  8. thewitt macrumors 68020


    Sep 13, 2011
    You will have to ask them. They pulled it themselves, and rumors were it was because of a security issue.

    If I were them however, I would never admit there is a security hole in any version that might still be on users devices...
  9. hurricanes305 macrumors newbie

    Jan 11, 2012
    i never understand this app, how is this different from a normal txt if you set push to send notifications on in settings?
  10. TheSacredSoul macrumors 6502a

    Jul 8, 2010
    Once you pay for the app, you can send texts for free.

    You can send free texts to anyone with whatsapp all over the world.

    You can also send pictures and voice messages for free.

    So, yes, it's a whole lot better than regular texting.
  11. Calidude macrumors 68000


    Jun 22, 2010
    It's just IM that works like texting. The benefit is that IM is free and texting is not. Best of both worlds.
  12. alex2792 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 13, 2009
    I just installed it on my wife's iPhone a few days ago.
  13. Rcflex macrumors member


    Oct 10, 2011
    Palm Springs, CA
    I could use a little help here... It says I can use my actual phone number to do free texting??? I don't text much and im not going to pay AT&T $15 just to send simple text's... I'm currently using textplus (is free) and it's a great app, though I have to use a different phone # that they provide... You then have to tell everyone to use bla-bla-bla number to text me...

    So does this app use your actual phone# ? I am assuming they will need the app as well???

    Any help is greatly appreciated...
  14. PNutts macrumors 601


    Jul 24, 2008
    Pacific Northwest, US
    But it is different than iMessage (between two iMessage users)?
  15. himynameiscody macrumors 6502a


    Oct 9, 2011
    figured this app just wastes battery. plus i have unlimited texting and data
  16. macbook pro i5 macrumors 65816

    macbook pro i5

    May 13, 2011
    New Zealand
    Like Imessege basically except muiltiplatform
  17. ah123 macrumors regular

    Jul 5, 2011
    Yes, because Whatsapp can be used between iOS, Blackberry and Android users worldwide. iMessage is iOS only.
  18. kicko macrumors 65816

    Aug 26, 2008
    you register your phone number with whatsapp, making it detect anyone in your contacts thats also has whatsapp installed. Anyone texting with whatsapp would have to do so from within the app itself.

    Beyond that i'm not sure why a lot more people dont use whatsapp, multi platform free texting for .99 c'mon dude

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