What was your basis for returning iPhone 6?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AppleGoat, Oct 4, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I am (generally) pleased with my new iPhone 6 (4.7", 16GB) ... however, iOS 8 seems to be causing various issues which makes the experience of using the phone decidedly worse than my old iPhone 5 running iOS 7. While I do suspect iOS 8 is the culprit, I'm not entirely sure if my iPhone has some innate problem (be it hardware or whatever) and want to know if others, who were in my situation, chose to swap out the phone in the 14-day window. Now, I'm not keen on returning perfectly fine gear so I'd like to get to the bottom of it. Here's a list of some of the things I have experienced.

    • The phone seems to temporarily freeze a lot. Like, I'll be messaging someone and switch to landscape and the keyboard will become incapacitated for a few seconds, then just come out of it.
    • Sometimes when I switch to landscape the screen temporarily goes dark, then comes out of it.
    • The message app is not the only time I've experienced freezing. It has happened in Safari and while using the camera.
    • The whole experience could feel laggy and not as stable as I've become accustomed to using an iPhone over the year.

    Anyone who has swapped out their iPhone 6 for another one, what prompted you to do so? Was it any of the aforementioned issues?

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    I was simply being an anal, obsessive, narcissistic, perfectionist that didn't care about wasting a companies $$$ and resources just to try and see if my brand new phone (that I was perfectly happy with) had any issues that I didn't know about before putting it side by side against another one :rolleyes:

    p.s. I don't actually own a 6/6+ and haven't exchanged one
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    Oct 14, 2010
    Lol -- did you (or have) experienced any of the issues I have?
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    I have a a new one on hold as a replacement at apple for an exchange.
    I won't bore you with the issues with my 6 but I will say I have seen so many issues I find it pathetic to be called an apple device.

    If the new one performs with half of the issues I have with this I am going back to a buddies 5s. I sent my 5s to my son already.

    I will return after I test the new one next week if it is not acceptable. People can say it's ios8 blah blah, I don't give a damn. I am tired of basic communications with my family to be a fail. I actually spoke to my wife on FaceTime twice when she was upside down, and sideways.
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    What was your basis for returning iPhone 6?

    I see what you did there. Trying to hide the fact that you don't own a iP6/6+ in white writing lol.

    But for the OP's initial question, no I haven't had anything freezing in any of the apps except for the TV Guide app, which is constantly crashing. No freezing in the messages app or safari or camera. Have you upgraded to iOS 8.0.2? If not, that could be the reason why you're experiencing all these bugs and freezes. Are you on iOS 8.0.1 because that version was pretty bad. Luckily my iPhone came with iOS 8 right out of the box and I updated to iOS 8.0.2 a couple days later.
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    Mar 24, 2010
    On the silver scream
    1) Nothing wrong with the AT&T sliver 128gb 6, but the carrier and customer service sucked. And I could not justify paying so much for a phone bill every month when I barely use the phone.

    2) the Verizon ran super hot all the time: Space Gray 64gb 6 and I could not justify the price of this phone either.

    When the carrier service (and customer service - if you could call AT&T's CS that) for both parties were not that good and the prices were ridiculous I had an ah ha moment.

    I barely use my phone, but I use a lot of features that available without contract on a wifi iPad.

    Now I have prepaid no contract plan with verizon and am awaiting the new iPads. I'll have more $ in my pocket every month and not worry about carrier contract bs or weak data service.

    The iP6 and 6+ are lovely phones, just not for me or my budget.
  7. thefeebster macrumors newbie

    Apr 7, 2012
    After keeping the iP4 for 4 years, i felt it was time to upgrade and the 6 seemed like the best device. Boy, i was excited to pick it up on launch day.

    Perhaps my expectations were too high, but from the get-go, i had mixed feelings and those mixed feelings persisted for the 13 days i had the 6.

    -At first glance, i thought i got silver, when i ordered space grey. This "space grey" was so light in color. Immediately, i ran to get my space grey ipad air to compare. I saw a distinct difference in color. The iP6 is noticeably lighter in color. I was hoping the space grey would mask the antenna bands, but they were unfortunately still noticeable.

    -Even as a woman with larger hands (7 inches), the iP6 never truly felt comfortable to hold. My preferred grip is to have the pinky support the bottom of the phone. But in order to use it with one hand (ie reach the top portion of the screen), i had to hold it with a vice grip in fear that it would slip out of my hands. I'd get hand cramps from holding it this way. Texting was impossible with one hand for me. This was completely a two-handed device for me, which is troublesome as my main use is on transit where i also have to hold a coffee. It was consistently a delicate balancing act to hold both comfortably.

    -Alluded to it above, but this was one slippery device. I dropped it on my kitchen floor.

    -But first and foremost though, i think i was just left disappointed with the battery life. I was not getting much of an improvement from my 4, which still gets 6-7 hours of usage, even using all the tips/tricks to squeak out more minutes. I tend to keep my phone for a long time, so i fear what would become of this battery at 4 years!

    All in all, i felt there was too much disappointment to justify the price (nearly $1000). Even though there were things i loved (snappy performance, excellent screen), i could not get rid of the feeling of disappointment and ultimately returned it. The apple employee was so nice, it almost seemed like she was happy i was returning it. I was pleasantly surprised. Will reconsider in a year's time. Now back to the iP4 for another year. :eek:
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    Bending. My 6+ bent. Waiting on a replacement 6+. I'll keep MR posted if I receive another "one of the nine" device.

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