What will you do with the Mac Mini?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 15, 2005.

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    I've heard a lot of interesting ideas, including:

    • Media PC. Just slap on a TV tuner device and a remote control and you're all set. The mini already has TV output and can be purchased with a DVD burner. iMovie/iDVD can be used to easily edit and burn DVDs from your recorded TV shows.
    • Portable workstation. Many people who use laptops don't use them on-the-go, but use them docked at one of several locations. If someone develops a port replicator, the Mac mini could fill in this niche very well. (Although this role may displace some iBook sales.)
    • Cheap cluster. A 1.25GHz mini costs 1/6 the price of an Xserve cluster node. If you cluster together six minis (using the FireWire ports for the network, since they're faster than 100M Ethernet), you might come out ahead. These six G4 processors have an aggregate clock speed of 7.5GHz. The Xserve's aggregate clock speed is 5.2GHz. That 44% increase in raw clock speed might be enough to compensate for the fact that the Xserve has G5 processors connected across a much faster bus. I will be interested to see the results if anybody decides to actually run some benchmarks.
    • Car computer. A recent MacBytes article discusses one company that's actually doing this.
    • File/web/music/media server. Leave out the monitor, keyboard and mouse altogether once you get it configured. Remotely log in over the network to maintain it.

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