What would be the selling point of the 4th gen iPad next year?


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Jun 8, 2009
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's too early. But only a year away isn't too impossible to think ahead, either. Especially for those who decided to skip the New iPad this year. :cool:

One is Siri, right? (many say Apple deliberately left this out for next year)

And, a quad processor maybe? :rolleyes:

Much better front-facing camera? (would this be a big selling point though?)

What else would you want next year?


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Jun 5, 2007
Siri - doubt it. I really don't think they left it off as a selling point for next year, just that it doesn't really fit on the iPad as well as it does on the iPhone.

Next year seems fairly straightforward, at least at the moment.

1) New Design
2) Updated processor, though not necessarily quad core. Remember both CPU and GPU will be on next generation parts by then and the performance jump will be impressive even on the same spec as they have now.
3) Possible bump in camera specs, especially if they come up with something new for the iPhone 5. Front facing camera may stay as it is though if they can't find a suitably small upgraded unit (or find more space in the chassis), there's really not much room for it in the current design.

There may, of course, be other things we don't know about but I'd say that was the most likely right now.


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Apr 30, 2010
I got to agree. Let's let the iPad get out first. This is just like another thread where soon to be owners of the iPad 3 are freaking out over possible longer charging times!



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Jul 1, 2010
Better front camera.
2 or 4 external speakers.
Always more performance as technology allows.
32GB for $499 with no 16GB option, and 128GB top-end.
Universal antennas.
Some kind of outside-mode invention that makes the screen work better in sunlight.


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Apr 15, 2010
Thinner, perhaps even thinner than the iPad 2. I for one am not happy that the iPad 3 ended up getting fatter this year. I recognize it pretty much had to given state of the art in components and battery but one can hope that next year we'll see it go on a diet again.

I don't care that much for camera resolution as that's not my use for the device. YMMV. However, I expect each successive release will see a bump in resolution or other optical features, front, back or both.

The big thing for next year, I'm hoping, is an expansion of available drivers and/or port features. If this thing is really supposed to eventually replace a laptop, I need the ability to connect more of my stuff to it. Bluetooth just isn't cutting it for me.

**Edit oh and a "Glass Back" making it the "Most Fragile iPad ever" LOL.


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Apr 24, 2010
I bet that if Siri comes to iPad, it will be with iOS 6 this Autumn.

My guesses for iPad 4:
-FaceTime HD camera and 8MP iSight in the back
-Just slim enough to become "the thinnest iPad ever"
-Flash memory bump

Wild Card:
-New Home button or touch sensitive bezel


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Nov 3, 2008
My guess is that Siri is something they're trying to ease into since it's still beta and the servers don't seem up to the task yet. But I'd be surprised if it weren't part of iOS6 because if you want a feature to be standard then you need to implement it across the product line.

As for next years expectations:
-New Design
-Haptic stuff
-Better front facing camera
-Apple Smart Bezel Patent finally gets implemented
-Different sizes (both bigger and smaller to acknowledge its evolution beyond "ordinary consumers)
-Mystery features that we don't know we want yet (No shame in admitting that sometimes they know what I want better than I do)

Just like with every Apple product, not all these features are desirable but there will be something that will still make it compelling.


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Mar 4, 2012
Quad Core CPU
Haptic feedback
32,64,128GB models
HD Facetime camera

I'd bite on that for sure.


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Jun 17, 2007
I imagine they'll try to put in at least one consumer-facing new feature. iPad 2 had the cameras. iPad 3 got LTE and retina screen.

Apple always like adding a new feature rather than just upgrading them all. Even the iPhone 3GS, which was mainly a spec boost, gained video recording over the 3G. The 4S gained Siri over the 4. Granted, for geeks like us, those features weren't the biggest draw to upgrade, but to Apple they're more marketable.

So while I think the iPad 4 will have spec improvements such as quad-core, better camera, higher storage capacity… there'll be at least one thing where they can say "Look, the new one can do THIS, which your old one couldn't!".

(And if that thing is just Siri, I'll be pissed off ;) )


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Dec 28, 2009
Quad Core CPU
Haptic feedback
32,64,128GB models
HD Facetime camera
This would make sense for the 5th gen iPad (2014?) Not sure what they hell they'd call it.

I think for next year it'll be some "major" software update and maybe larger storage capacity? Either way, won't get next years model but will most likely get the model after that.


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Mar 2, 2011
I think we'll see the haptic feedback soon - if not 4th gen than 5th.

I also think it's likely, but not definite, that we'll see a second size offered.

But what I'm really looking forward to is iOS 6. I think most of the improvements I really want are software, not hardware.


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Mar 29, 2011
That really makes no sense... Please think before posting
It seems puzzling to me to enter a thread claimed to be pointless, and then not only read it, but post in it. To me, that's more obnoxious because it seems like you are being contentious for contentious' sake--having to really go out of your way to complain about it. Whereas someone who's making a repeat thread might only be lazy, which, to me, is more forgivable. Regardless, it's an open forum, and some people will want to create threads to talk about topics others don't. How dare they, right?

Of course, you're free to enter as many pointless threads as you want and complain about them. It wouldn't be the first time you called a thread "pointless." But something about entering threads you have no interest in and then posting in them seems awfully pointless in itself. Lucky for the few of us actually interested in the thread that it's an open forum, huh?
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Jan 7, 2011
tiny bit thinner
front facing camera will be the same as the back facing camera
upgraded processor (quad core?)
better graphics obviously


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Mar 1, 2007
Hong Kong
Slimmer and lighter.

I was, optimistically, hoping the new iPad would be slimmer and lighter than my iPad2 (lighter preferably). But, alas, it's supposedly a touch heavier.

The iPad does suffer from a slight lack of portability in some circumstances. I was almost tempted to get the 8.9 new Samsung tab as it's nice and light.