What would happen if I gave my Gma my iphone 3gs?

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    Apr 6, 2011
    She is on a really old Cingular plan. only pays like $35 a month. I want her to use my old iphone 3gs as she has a super old flip phone with only 450 min and 5000 n&w min. I tried her old sim and it still works on the iphone (making calls) Would AT&T charge her the data feature and change her plan or can she just use it as a phone and have wifi for her "data" . She never goes out and about so she will never use the data plan anyways.

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    If her SIM works then you're good to go. I did the exact same thing with my old 3G, which my daughter now uses.


    On the iPhone it's hard not to use cellular data by mistake. If she does use cellular data, the carriers will oh-so-nicely give you some bandwidth without warning. Then send you a huge bill for "pay as you go data". It's about 1 billion dollars per email.

    So you need to make sure this is turned off.

    In some iPhones/carriers, you can do this through Settings:


    If that setting does not appear, you can do it another way:


    In this case, simply change the APN -- add a couple of X's to the end of it or similar.

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