What would you do in my predicament?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thadoggfather, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I had a launch black 32 that had hissing and buzzing in the earpiece, scuffs on the back, and I swear the camera quality wasn't as good as my 4S or current 5.

    Returned it. Picked up a white 32. Flawless except for the screen.

    No scuffs anywhere on the body. Just noticed one dead pixel at the bottom and that the screen can exhibit wavy/graininess from certain angles (sort of ALMOST like it's a pentile screen). Hard to explain but I can notice it. Maybe its my OCD eyes :D

    The screen still looks phenomenal in most circumstances, I can just sort of tell. And especially when trying a grey backdrop, I notice what is described here (though of course I'd never use this as a background for regular use, just to put this new user's post to the test):

    Wifi works great (finds signal in my unfinished basement where my airport express is two floors up). LTE, the limited time I've been in coverage, has been great, battery life seems better than my previous one. No light leak people discuss on the top of the phone. One small speck of dust on the outer camera lens area but it doesnt effect pictures at all and this one takes really crisp photos. Thats not a cause of concern for me in the least especially after dealing with ipad3 dust.

    Functionality wise, I couldn't ask for a better built iPhone. Perhaps I'm just being nitpicky.

    The screen also doesn't show uniformity issues or backlight bleed.

    I also have an unlock code coming from unlock_fusion for $9 sometime today I would imagine.

    I can

    1) return it (eat the $9 unlock fee, and possibly pay again if I'm doing retail swap in addition to waiting again, before going black to white I waited two days -- no biggy). But it's a pain to re-activative the 4S, and then hunt one down again that might have problems again

    2) do a bar swap once the unlock goes through but I think so many other things could go wrong with it given what I've read and experienced. Plus, original 30 day warranty is invalidated.

    3) get an advance replacement from apple, do a screen swap after acquiring pentubular and suction cup and plastic pick, and send it back on its way (assuming the replacement doesnt have issues as well)

    4) wait until apple does screen swap service in store instead of replacing the phone itself, and get this done.

    5) live with it.

    What would you do?

    I realize a perfect iPhone might not exist, but the one I have now minus the screen thing is about as perfect as I think it's going to get.

    I had to go through a handful of iPad3's before I found one with an acceptable screen, and Color Profiles corrected the few oddities it had. It still has a speck of dust between the screen and glass in the bottom left, but it doesnt bother me at all. I am trying at all costs to avoid playing the swap game over and over again to pray I get one half decent.

    My 4S screen was unacceptable without Color Profiles but I never swapped it because everything else worked perfectly, even if it ran hot while charging.

    And my 4 was perfect until home button stopped working, went through like 3 swaps, then I finally got a retail replacement that was the end all.

    Apple QC is totally unacceptable. Get it together.
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    Warranty replacement. This is what warranties are for.
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    Honestly, I didn't read the the whole post but why don't you just do what would make you satisfied?
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    it is a long winded post, apologies.


    I've had too many times where the replacement brings other issues into play that werent previously...


    Maybe waiting until they offer "screen replacement" repairs is the best/safest option.
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