What would you like on the new version of iPhone or iPod Touch!? - Let me think... !!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sreehemanth, Mar 19, 2009.


Which hardware (Internal or External) feature(s) do you think will make it?

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  1. More storage

  2. Better Processors

  3. WiMax or LTE

  4. Camera on both sides

  5. iSight HD Camera

  6. Flash Light

  7. Built-in GPS

  8. Other Peripherals

  1. sreehemanth macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    There are several things that I would like to see the new version of iPhone:

    1. Internal Hardware
    2. External Hardware
      • Camera
        • iSight HD Camera
          I think that the iPhone can handle this; at least with the newly speculated hardware upgrade! If that's possible, then I guess, it would be even better conglomeration.
        • Camera on Front and Back sides of iPhone
          I "SERIOUSLY" believe that it should have been on the device from the first generation itself. But it didn't happen, and its okay. Keeping on with the new hardware speculation, I think a dual camera will be the least feasible inclusion; if not dual HD, it could be HD on the back and normal on the front, or at the least, normal iSight cameras on both the sides of the device. Common, guys, we need to see the iChat for video conferencing, video calls, etc. Don't you think so?
      • Flash Light
        I think this is an obvious requirement that didn't see the light of the day. Should have been on the first gen. device itself. Anyways, moving on...
      • Other peripherals
        I don't know the iPhone is suitable for any other peripherals, but this list has grown out a monster! You've got anymore? Shoot it in a reply!? :)

    There are several things that I would like to see the new version of iPod Touch, too:

    1. Internal Hardware
      The same as seen the iPhone. However, I am guessing this device may have have a little lower specifciations.
      • Processor Upgrades !
        Sure, that needs to be upgraded too! It is just only fair to have the speculated new processors be included here. Again, it could be of lower efficiencies or specs...
      • More Storage
        This is one aspect, in which I think, the iPod Touch may have a higher spec in comaprison to the iPhone. You know, we already have a 32GB iPod Touch, but not in iPhone!
      • WiMax or LTE
        I am still trying to hold onto this one. This is just only a wish-list anyways :)
      • Built-in Microphone
        This is really needed to included as I hate see any external hardware hanging out of the iPod Touch. However, I do not think Apple will create a conflict of interest (read losing iPhone sales) by including it in the device. Still will be great if it is done.
      • Built-in GPS
        Well, let that be in too.... ;)
    2. External Hardware
      • Camera
        This will make the iPod Touch a really interesting device and will actually eat out on a whole new market... you see the devices such as Flip Video, etc...
        • iSight HD Camera
          I think this may happen at a later stage of revision for the iPod Touch; if the new one comes with a camera, that is!
        • Camera on Front and Back sides of iPod Touch
          Yes, and again! It will certainly increase the popularity of the iPod Touch and also the iChat program. Imagine video chats or video conferencing with your buddies on this device... hmm...
      • Flash Light
        Well, I think I will pass on that.... but may be just keep it on ;)

    Let the party begin! :) Keep it going! :apple:
  2. 1Zach1 macrumors 65816


    Feb 8, 2008
    Northern Va
    Um...The iPhone 3G already has this?
  3. sreehemanth thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    Not the real GPS, not yet!

    yeah the iPhone 3G has the GPS system in it but it is assisted through cellular signal triangulations...

    it would be interesting to see the actual GPS hardware it in it... although it may not be a great advantage the iPhone, but I think it will make more sense in the iPod Touch device... lets see..
  4. BaldiMac macrumors 604


    Jan 24, 2008
    No. The iPhone 3G has actual GPS hardware in it.
  5. macindork macrumors member

    Aug 8, 2008
    That's right, it just gets the maps over wifi or 3G/EDGE
  6. sreehemanth thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    hmm... my bad... i should have thought it through before having said so...
    sorry about it...

    anyways... what you think of the rest of the ideas? do you have more thoughts abt 'em?
  7. ParishYoung macrumors 6502a

    Mar 18, 2008
    Bristol, South West UK
    I wonder if the new SDK with Accessories access means someone could create a Front Facing Camera Add on accessory, with a Video Call App.

    That would be funny.
  8. Tomorrow macrumors 604


    Mar 2, 2008
    Always a day away
    How about a better choice of service carriers?
  9. sreehemanth thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    I think, if the iPhone is revised with new hardware this Summer, it would be great to see the front facing camera as an actual part of it, instead of it third-party accessory.

    that way, it would be seamless and original! what say!?
  10. sreehemanth thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    yes, absolutely... that would be a good one...

    but, if the report on contract-free pricing option for the current version of the iPhone is anything to go by... then opening up the choices for service carries or other related options "may" be burning up holes in our wallets... cos i do not think the iPhone wud be $199 if it is not coming with a service carrier contract...
  11. bryanc28 macrumors 6502


    Dec 7, 2007
    Arlington, Va
  12. Goona macrumors 68020


    Mar 11, 2009
    On an Apple mobile product? :D
  13. JayLenochiniMac macrumors G5

    Nov 7, 2007
    New Sanfrakota
    Flash light? There are numerous flashlight apps for that.

    Why not a pointer (hidden inside the headphone jack) for powerpoint presentations? Push home button to activate.

    Also better battery life.
  14. sreehemanth thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    i mean flash light for photography... i do not know if there r any such apps this purpose...

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