what would you like to see 12 months from now for laptops?


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Jul 9, 2000
in am in the IT field...ok, just fixing, implementing, and maintaining stuff...but for a second, let's all pretend, me included, that we are in the "designing" part of the high tech industry

what would you like to design for a laptop for apple to be out in 12 months for the chirstmas rush of 2003?

...for home laptops, i want a 1 ghz+ ibook, one inch thin in plastic, 256 MB ddr ram on low end model, and 64 MB of video RAM (and i won't guess on what processor apple will have then, in 14 months)...price range - $999 us to $1599

...for pro laptops, i want a 1.5 ghz+ tibook, thinner than one inch around 0.80" inch, 512 MB of DDR RAM for low end model with 2 GB limit, 96 MB of video RAM, and under 5 lbs.
price range - $1999 us to $3299


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
I'd also like to see a 1.5Ghz + PowerBook, one thing that I see as an important, but often missed component is the battery, I'd like to see their life double in the next year or so.


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Jul 18, 2002
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If Apple's going to release some kind of eBook, or whatever, I'd like to see it become a sort of tablet/notebook hybrid, like this Acer:

It's under $1000, I think.
The cool thing about it is that the screen turns around and flips over the keyboard so it's a tablet one way and a laptop another.:)