what's a good program for font management in os x??

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by z2046, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. z2046 macrumors newbie

    Mar 1, 2003
    any idea what software i should use to manage my fonts in os x??

    font reserve? or suit case 10?? i did hear about crashes when you use suitcase 10 in os x.

    not sure if it's true.

    thank you.
  2. iGav macrumors G3

    Mar 9, 2002
    I use Suitcase, and never had a crash yet and I've got upwards of 4000 fonts on my PowerBook, works like ATM Deluxe as well!!

    Can't comment on the other software as I haven't used it, but I doubt you go wrong with either of the 2....

  3. AlphaTech macrumors 601


    Oct 4, 2001
    Natick, MA
    Since I really don't need font management since I don't do any design work any more I can only pass on some information. I have tried Suitcase under OS X. It seems ok, a far cry better then the OS 9 native versions before, but it still doesn't do anything for me. I have heard that Font Reserve is a good font management application. Both can be run on servers to allow you to use the fonts from the server and not need to store them locally. That tends to get a touch expensive though, and really only for the business with more then a few people needing access to the fonts. The server part also helps if you have a huge number of fonts (many GB worth) and don't want to chew up the space on your hard drives with them.

    My 3¢ worth

  4. z2046 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 1, 2003
    i'll go with suitcase for now.

    thanks. since i have suitcase now.. i'll install it and hope it doesn't crash.

    thanks again!!!!
  5. AlphaTech macrumors 601


    Oct 4, 2001
    Natick, MA
    If you don't have the latest version, and can update to get it to the very latest, don't. They are on version 10.2.1 at this point. I wouldn't install anything below 10.2 and then update it to the .1.

    Good luck
  6. idkew macrumors 68020


    Sep 26, 2001
    where the concrete to dirt ratio is better
    agreed. the updates helped a lot. suitcase is your best bet, but it is far from perfect.

    i wish apple just had a good font manager as part of the os. one that would dynamically turn fonts on and off depending on which apps were open...
  7. the_wallcrawler macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2003
    how exactly do these programs work? i was thinking about trying one since i am starting to get alot of fonts going on my computer, but i just cant get a grip on how they function. could someone give me a quick suitcase tutorial?

  8. Screamingbeaver macrumors member

    Aug 31, 2001
    St. Paul, MN
    It works great!....Kinda

    I've been using Suitcase 10 for a while now. I does work like a charm. I love the auto activation while working in Illustrator or Indesign. If I start a work session and pop open a doc it'll auto open the fonts. Works great. Since I do have to use Quark in classic every now and again. It basically works okay. I have had it quit on me a few times, only when using classic, when there was a font conflict. I use it everyday. It does work. Good luck!

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