What's going with the G5?

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by adamluc, Aug 3, 2001.

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    Jul 31, 2001
    I have read a lot of articles and rumors about the development of the G5. I think the G5 is going to be made by Motorola and IBM, but then shifting to the IBM side. I think if Apple moves to IBM, IBM has the money to play the "megahertz game" with Intel. I think since Motorola is not doing well in the stock market, and the economy is slowing for Motorola, I think, like many other people have said before, that Motorola is not keeping up with demand like Apple wants them to. Also, from reading various rumors, and I hope this is ture, but, I think that we might see this at Seybold: New iMac, and new Powerbook. LCD iMac, and powerbook will probaly have increased speed, 500mhz-600mhz, and CDRW in low model, and combo in higer model.
    Then in MWSF, i think we will se increased speeds in iBooks, and most important, G5's. I think they will upgrade the servers with G5's. Am i the only one who think's it's wierd that thier are only 3 G4 PowerMac models? I think they will release a G5 as the top model, at anywhere between 1Ghz and 1.3Ghz. Then have the G4's upgraded, to maybe 800Mhz, 967Mhz, and dual 933Mhz. The servers will most likely be 900mhz single and dual G5 configurations. That is what I think. Let's keep our finger's crossed.
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    Jan 5, 2001
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    G5 Rumors for September

    I have heard that the G5 will be released at the next MacWorld simply based on past timelines and experiences.

    No one thought the G4 was coming three years ago, but it did, tottally unexpectedly


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