Whats in a Name -- iPod?


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Jan 14, 2002
Green Bay, Wisconsin
So tell me, why is it named iPod?

iPod wasn't named that because it sounded cool. It is the starting of an entirely new mobile computing strategy. If you pay attention to the design, its smooth, its sleek and extremely small. This iPod is exactly that, a POD that fits inside other mobile devices. Really it's nothing new, but it is exciting.

A mini digital movie player and projector
A hard drive driven video camera.
A multi-megapixel still camera
A device that stores, shares and can distribute your personal files

The possibilities are actually limitless.

Larger capacity iPods soon to be available at the same physical size. Imagine, slipping your iPod into a camera device to record a couple hours of video, transfer it back to your large storage drive on your TiBook and continue to shoot within seconds. No more logging video for hours. Log it in no time at all. Say good bye tape!


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I can't imagine the current iPod design actually fitting into current devices. Compared to, say, a flash card, it's simply too big. And the metal on the bottom would get totally scratched from being slid in and out of the port. Or am I totally misinterpreting what you said...


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Feb 15, 2002
What's in a name - iPod?

I think he is just right conceptually, but with a modification in application:

The iPod doesn't go inside another device...it attaches either directly or more likely, by firewire.

The iPod (10 gig or bigger) sits in your pocket connected by firewire to whatever device is in your hands.

Then iPod connects to your Mac to complete the Hub concept.